The Fault In Your Credit Score And Not Your Stars

By | August 24, 2017

The Fault In Your Credit Score And Not Your Stars

It appears that the traditional way of comparing kundlis may no longer be the ideal way to bring soul mates together. This age-old method does not count your Credit Score among the 36 traits that should be common among couples for them to be a perfect match.

Match Credit Scores? Yes, we are not kidding and the idea is not as bizarre as it sounds.

According to research undertaken jointly by dating app makers (the real matchmakers of the 21st century) and financial companies, your Credit Score is your new Kundli. The findings of the research are that two people only need to compare their Credit Scores to know if they are compatible or not.

We say this is much easier than trying to match 36 personality traits.

So how does this whole Credit Score matchmaking system work?

Like this…

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The Courtship

People don’t exactly flash their Credit Score on their matrimony or dating app profiles. Neither do they talk about it on their first date. But little did we know that a true understanding of Credit Score can not only help you find the right Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan or Credit Card but also the right partner.

A person’s Credit Score speaks volumes about their temperament and attitude. Financial standing too. But don’t be so shallow. Money is not everything.

We agree that a Credit Score primarily reflects the money management skills of an individual. A person with a good Credit Score can be described as someone who pays his/her loan EMIs and Credit Card dues on time, is not burdened by debt and has a budget plan in place. But if you analyse this number a little more, you’ll find that a person who takes care of his/her finances also looks after other aspects of their life with the same care.

There is data to back this belief.

According to 2015 report by the Federal Reserve Board – a Credit Score not only provides insights into the behaviour of your partner but also indicates whether your relationship will be a long-lasting one or not.

The Commitment

The report suggests that individuals with high Credit Scores are more likely to take their relationship seriously and stay invested in it. The parallel here is that individuals who can commit to good (financial) practices to get a high Credit Score are likely to do the same in a relationship. They will do all that is necessary to keep their relationship and their Credit Score bright and secure.

Successful relationships too are built on hard work like everything else. But to keep a relationship going is never the job of one person. Two must work together.

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This brings us to another finding of the report.

It goes something like this…

Forever Together

Couples with similar or close Credit Scores are more likely to experience a long-lasting relationship than those with Credit Scores placed far apart. The latter is most likely to part ways within the first five years.

The report added that the gap between Credit Score turns into an all engulfing black hole at a difference of 66-points. At this point, the chances of a break up increase by a good 24%.

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Curious about your Credit Score compatibility? Just visit and check your Experian Credit Score for FREE! Match it with your partner’s and you have a compatibility chart right there.

Sorting Out Issues

If both of you have similar Credit Scores, it’s largely due to your similar personal finance priorities, preferences and habits. Isn’t it easier to get along with a person who believes in the same ideas and way of life as you do?

When the lifestyle choices of couples differ drastically, it usually becomes a bone of contention in a relationship. On many an occasion, it can lead to break ups and divorces or result in an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship.

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We guess it’s fair to say that when couples’ Credit Scores are close to each other, there is likely to be more understanding and team work at play. You will also find more joint accounts and investments in this case. Such a couple is more likely to solve problems by talking things out rather than throwing fine china at each other.

The mismatch between Credit Scores can also come in the way of joint loan applications. Nowadays, most people apply for a joint Home Loan to get a better loan terms. If one of the partners has a bad Credit Score it could affect the total loan eligibility amount. Nobody would like that, right?

If you are a couple deeply in love but with mismatched Credit Scores, there is a solution for you.

The Fix

A bad Credit Score is not a life sentence. Luckily, with patience and perseverance, it can be fixed. Moreover, everyone with a poor Credit Score is not guilty of being financially irresponsible. The catastrophe could have happened due to an unforeseen financial emergency where the person was unable to service loans or Credit Card dues.

In either case, couples with mismatched Credit Scores should keep their accounts separate till they reach a common plane. Paying bills and cutting down Credit Card expenses are some of the ways to boost a Credit Score. Here, the one with a stronger Credit Score can help the other build his/her score. This practice will also help instill good financial behaviour in both.

Another way to get a good Credit Score is by applying for a secured Credit Card. A Secured Credit Card is given against the security of a Fixed Deposit and has a low upper limit. This will help individuals with a good Credit Score keep a check on expenses and save more.

For those dealing with multiple debts, go for a Personal Loan. A Personal Loan will help you consolidate all your debts under one umbrella. In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s easier to service one debt at a single rate of interest than many at different interest rates.

Once all your debts are cleared and you have control over your finances, your Credit Score will sooner or later rally to a big beautiful number.

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Happily Ever After

If you still don’t believe in the power of the Credit Score to find your soulmate, the following figures will dispel your concerns:

The following data was reported by, citing a survey from Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group, the parent company of Tinder.

Financial responsibility ranked at 69 percent. Higher than:

Sense of humor 67 percent
Attractiveness 51 percent
Ambition 50 percent
Courage 42 percent
Modesty 39 percent

The survey comprised of 2,000 respondents.

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With such research work behind us, we know that the role of a Credit Score in our lives is poised to go beyond Credit Cards and loans.

For the moment, though, we encourage all our customers to check their Credit Score before applying for a loan or Credit Card. Knowledge of your Credit Score ensures that you take the right financial decisions. Ones that will work in your favour.

So, whether it’s the perfect card, loan or soul mate that you are seeking, begin by checking your Credit Score. We’ll help you check it for FREE. It’ll only take 3 mins. Promise!

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