The One Credit Card That’s Right For You

By | November 26, 2015

Perfect Credit Card

Finding The Perfect One!

The way you spend your money says a lot about you. And if you’re looking out for a Credit Card that’s just right for you, follow these tips to find one that matches your personal style and suits your spending habits.


If you’re the daily spender, you could opt for a low rate card that has a low annual fee (even better if it has no annual fee at all!). This way you can spend to your heart’s content, with no hesitation when it comes to paying back at the end of every month.


So, you don’t really flash your Credit Card every now and then, except for when you really need it. That’s a good thing, really, bravo! You too could opt for a Credit Card that has a nominal annual fee. Just be sure to pay careful attention to the timelines for the low rate Credit Card you choose.


You use your credit Card for basics – you know, like grocery, bills, miscellaneous online shopping etc. Find a Credit Card that rewards you to shop – there’s a whole range that offers cash backs, discounts etc. Make sure you get one that matches your purchasing preferences so you can make the most of it!


You can’t do without your Credit Card! But at the same time you are particular about your dues and make your payment on time. In that case, your Credit Card needs to be an extension of your personality. Stay away from Cards that have a zillion extra features they would, in all probability, be of no use to you.

Whatever your style may be, there’s a Credit Card that’s tailor-made for you. Curious about what we’ve found for you? Let’s go!

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