How Credit Cards Can Help You Save Money

By | September 1, 2015

Yes, You Heard Right. Credit Cards have become an integral part of our lifestyle. While there are some folks who practically live off plastic money, there are still some who like to ‘tread carefully’. What if we said that Credit Cards can help you save money? Read now or forever regret. You can thank us later.

Get Cash Back: Almost all Credit Cards offer a certain percentage of cashback which you can avail while you are shopping at retail stores, restaurants, malls or even the supermarket. Buy stuff you like and get money for it. That’s the dream, no?

Loan Without Interest: Various Credit Cards come with an interest-free payment period which allows you to repay the amount without any additional charges. The repayment needs to be done before the due date though, just saying.

Win Free Flying Miles: Many Credit Cards offer free flyer miles which is just like getting reward points. When you collect certain points on your Flyer Credit Card, you get free tickets and no travel charges. Now that’s like money in your pocket!

Protection Against Fraud: Cash can be stolen or mishandled, Credit Cards are safer. How? If you find that a retailer has cheated you or the bought item is faulty, your bank will reimburse the whole amount. Likewise, if your card is stolen, it can also be reimbursed provided that you prove it wasn’t due to your negligence. Awesomeness, no?

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