How To Get An Aadhaar Card

By | September 26, 2016

How To Get An Aadhaar Card

An Aadhaar Card is one of the best things to have happened. It has simplified so many processes.  In case you don’t already have an Aadhaar Card, the first thing you must do is apply for one. Thinking why we’re going crazy about Aadhaar Cards? You’ll know the reason soon. We’ll come to the point, don’t worry! Let’s take it one step at a time.

What’s an Aadhaar Card?

An Aadhaar Card provides you with a unique 12-digit identification number, issued by the Government of India, which serves as your identity and address proof, anywhere within the country.

What are the benefits?

Why care about getting an Aadhaar Card? Here’re some reasons:

  • Too many rounds at the passport office? Not anymore! With an Aadhaar Card, you can get your passport in ten days. The police verification is postponed to a later date and that speeds things up.
  • With your Aadhaar Card you can avail of the benefits of the DigiLocker system (to store your personal documents on the government’s server), introduced by the Government of India.
  • Aadhaar Cards have been linked to voter cards as well to eliminate bogus voters.
  • To get your EPF (Employee Provident Fund), you need to provide your Aadhaar Card details to the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation).
  • SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) now accepts the Aadhaar Card as an address proof as well.
  • Aadhaar Cards can smoothen the process of opening a new bank account for you.

Need we give you more reasons? No, right? Your Aadhaar Card can simplify the most complicated processes for you that usually take a lot of your time and energy. You can do so many better things with your time than getting stuck in all these lengthy processes!

Now that we’ve mutually agreed that Aadhaar Cards are the right way to go, here’s how you can apply for one:

  • Get all the required documents in place. These include your photo ID proof, address proof, documents containing relationship details of the head of the family, and your date of birth proof.
  • Once you have all the above-mentioned documents, you need to hunt for an enrollment centre around you.
  • Found it? Great! Time to book an appointment. If you don’t want to book an appointment, that works too. Just that an appointment can save you a lot of time and effort. So, let’s be smart!
  • Booking an appointment is not enough. You also need to reach the enrollment centre on time (preferably before time).
  • Once you reach the centre, fill out the enrolment form. Want to save some more time? You can fill this form online, prior to your appointment as well.
  • Done filling the form? Submit it along with all the necessary documents.
  • After the paperwork, you also need to submit some biometric data that includes the impression of your fingerprint and iris and you’ll also have to get a photograph clicked.
  • That’s it! Don’t forget to collect your enrollment acknowledgement slip with a 14-digit enrolment number that’ll help you track your application status.
  • If you’re a resident of any of the following places, you don’t need to enrol individually as your Aadhaar enrolment will be done by the Registrar General of India:
    • Arunachal Pradesh
    • Assam
    • Jammu & Kashmir
    • Meghalaya
    • Mizoram
    • Odisha
    • Tamil Nadu
    • West Bengal
    • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    • Dadar and Nagar Haveli
    • Lakshadweep
    • Udupi
    • Gadag
    • Uttara Kannada
    • Haveri
    • Davangere
    • Bangalore rural
    • Chikkabalapur
    • Kodagu

Once you’re done enrolling, you need to keep a constant check the status of your application.

How to check the enrollment status?

Go to the UIDAI website and key in your enrolment number to check whether you’ve been allotted an Aadhaar Number or not.

How to get the Aadhaar Number through SMS?

Go to the UIDAI website and enter your enrolment number, the date and time of the appointment and the registered mobile number. That’s it!

Applying for an Aadhaar Card isn’t enough, you also need to keep a check on it to ensure that your application is not rejected. Yes, your application can get rejected! It could be a result of pending documents or an incomplete registration process.

Whatever it is, you need to find the reason and sort it out.

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