How To Set New Fitness Goals: For Yourself And Your Bank Account

By | November 4, 2016


Ever thought about what two of the most significant things in your life have in common? We’re talking about your health and your bank account balance. Sounds like Greek? Let’s explain.

We’re sure you agree that money and health are two important things that define your life. If either of these is not on track, your life wouldn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. When your finances are in disarray, applying for a loan or a Credit Card can become difficult.

We’re sure that you want to look your best all the time. That won’t happen unless you work out a bit, right? We also know that you also want to be in the pink of financial health. So, here’s how you can balance the most important things in your life:

  • Walk, run, cycle

You probably know how beneficial these activities are for your health. What you may not know or probably never thought about is how they can help keep you financially fit as well. There are two reasons we arrived at this conclusion.

One: as you focus on running, walking and cycling, you tend to reduce all unnecessary transportation charges.

Two: since these activities help you beat stress, you tend to stay more relaxed and hence, the frequency of your visits to the doctor or the nearby pharmacy drop significantly. Have you thought of that before? If yes, you’re smart! If not, you’re welcome!

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  • Don’t go to the gym

Wait, what? No, we haven’t made a typo there. This is not a typo and you don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit. Gyms, (at least the good ones and not Pappu’s Bodyworks around the corner), cost a bomb.

Have you ever thought about what you could do with all that money saved on annual gym membership fees instead? A lot of things come to mind, don’t they? Then why waste your hard-earned money at the gym? To stay fit, you need the motivation and the drive to be at your physical best. If you lack any of these, even the best gym membership won’t help. So, instead of investing in those expensive gyms and other fitness programs, research a bit and be your own trainer. There are a lot of fitness videos on the internet and customisable fitness mobile apps that can help you stay in shape and save your bank account from going out of shape.

  • Check that shopping cart, mate!

Grocery shopping is something we all want to escape, but can’t! Although many online grocery sites have made it way too convenient for us, the difficult part still remains unchanged. We’re talking about deciding what to buy and then sticking to the list!

Seeing so many options and brands in front of us, we sometimes lose track of things we were actually supposed to buy and end up buying all the useless stuff instead. Sounds familiar? It’s not just unhealthy for you, it’s bad for your bank account balance as well. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Whether you shop online or buy your groceries from that local store, try sticking to that list and your monthly budget as well. Also, try and get the healthier versions of eatables (it’s a no-brainer, but still).

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  • Warm up before you start sweating

You must’ve heard people talking about the importance of warming up before running the actual marathon. Instead of trying to outdo yourself and going beyond what your body can handle, ensure you warm up first. You don’t want to harm yourself, do you?

The same concept applies to your finances as well. Instead of investing your money willy-nilly, take baby steps and test the waters first. Try to extract as much information as you can about the latest financial schemes and plans before actually investing. Take time to learn more about Mutual Funds or insurance plans suitable for you instead of taking a blind leap of faith. Let’s leave the heroics for Rambo.

Now you know how your physical and financial health are interlinked, don’t you? If these are in a good shape, you’re the one who gets to reap the benefits.

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