Linking Of Aadhaar To EPF: A Step By Step Guide

By | November 9, 2017

Linking of Aadhaar with the EPF account would smoothen the process of EPF withdrawal. Read on to know about things to keep in mind.

Linking Of Aadhaar To EPF: A Step By Step Guide

Linking of Aadhaar with EPF accounts has been made mandatory by the government. The move would smoothen the process of EPF withdrawal and the need for various processes like taking signatures, filling forms, and submission would no more be required. Aadhaar is an important KYC document that doubles as an identity as well as address proof.

Aadhaar makes documentation process easier and merges multiple UAN numbers into a single UAN, resulting in a seamless and hassle-free withdrawal process.

Steps To Link Aadhaar To EPF

  • Visit the webpage go to the “Online Services” on the left side of the homepage and select “eKYC Portal”
  • Clicking on “eKYC Portal” will take you to another window where on the right-hand side you need to click “LINK UAN AADHAAR”
  • On clicking, the page will ask for further details like UAN (which is mandatory), the mobile number linked with UAN. On clicking “Generate OTP”; the mobile number provided receives an OTP that needs to be punched in along with your Aadhaar number. And then click on SUBMIT.

Another OTP will be sent to your mobile number or the linked email id. After OTP verification, the UAN gets linked with the Aadhaar. This entitles you to avail online EPFO services linked with Aadhaar. In case of any technical glitch faced during this linking process, emails can be sent to for assistance. The EPFO site is also available in Hindi and can be accessed by clicking on the language change option at the top right corner.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you initiate the process of linking Aadhaar to EPF, make sure your date of birth matches with Aadhaar as well as that of UAN facility. Also, make sure that your name is rightly spelled both in Aadhaar and UAN as any mismatch in these data will lead to an error. In case there is an error, get in touch with your employer or update Aadhaar record (whichever is applicable) and then re-initiate the process.

For rural areas, EPFO has developed Aadhaar seeding application with support of the Common Service Centres (CSC) and CDAC. This will enable a PF member or pensioner to seed their Aadhaar with UAN by walking into any of the field offices of EPFO or CSC outlets.

Benefits Of Linking Aadhaar And EPF

This linking of Aadhaar has some great benefits that will help a PF member or a Pensioner.

  • Reduces the requirement of uploading too many documents for claim settlement
  • Merges multiple existing UAN into a single one
  • Online claim settlement becomes easier and faster
  • Make it easy to trace the progress of your claim settlement

On linking Aadhaar to EPF online, claim settlement will be easy without much of documentation. Unlike earlier days the cumbersome process of EPF transfer or withdrawal will now become smooth and speedy – a significant step towards making India digitally progressive.

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