Linking Aadhaar To Driving License And Vehicle Registration

By | October 2, 2017

Linking Aadhaar To Driving License And Vehicle Registration

Earlier this month the Union Minister for Electronic and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that after linking Aadhaar to PAN cards, the Government was considering linking it with the driving license as well.

As you may have already been aware of the multiple things that the government has made mandatory, the Aadhaar Card linking tops it all. From linking it to your PAN card, filing your returns, LPG subsidy and also linking it to your mobile number, this universal identity card is proving to be a must have.

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The idea of linking the Aadhaar to the driving license and vehicle registration is to keep track of multiple licenses. Prasad also added that the Aadhaar was a “safe and secure tool for good governance and empowerment”.

Addressing the people at the Digital Haryana Summit 2017, Prasad said that the Aadhaar represents digital identity, not physical identity, and that digital identity confirmed physical identity. He also mentioned how the government’s plan to link Aadhaar to PAN was an effective way to control money laundering.

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Referring to the debate on the security of Aadhaar data, the minister also mentioned that, given its biometric information, which includes iris and fingerprint scans that are stored in an encrypted form, the Aadhaar is very secure.

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If you look closely at your Aadhaar Card, you’ll notice that the physical card only has a picture of you, stating your gender and your permanent address. It does not display any other personal details like the names of your parents, caste, religion, educational qualification, health records or any such data that can be used to profile you.

Moreover, the card is termed as an universal identification document and now has been made mandatory for several schemes and other government backed procedures.

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We believe that this rule will definitely curb the malpractices that happen during the issuance of driving licenses since the system would be able to identify people trying to get multiple licenses using fake identities.

After the announcement of linking Aadhaar to bank accounts and mobile numbers, the government has also said that citizens can now keep their driving licences and vehicle registration certificates safe in a DigiLocker.

This move is aimed at facilitating access to documents anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need to carry them physically. Plus, the digital driving licence and vehicle registration documents will be made available on citizens’ mobile phones and can be accessed through the DigiLocker mobile application.

The documents will be considered authentic by various law enforcement authorities, including the traffic police. How cool is that?

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And if you still haven’t got your Aadhaar Card, its time you knuckle down and get one immediately. This card is soon going to be a lifesaver and will be used immensely. If you already have an Aadhaar Card then we suggest you check out other cards that we have to offer you.

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