Saving Hacks That Work: What People Have To Say

By | May 28, 2016
Saving Hacks That Work: What People Have To Say
It’s the last week of the month and you’re desperately waiting for your salary to get credited. Sounds quite familiar, right? Most of us are usually in the same boat —we’re broke and in dire need of money! If you find yourself in this situation every month, there’s a huge problem in the way you manage your finances. Most learned people advise to save at least 20 per cent of your salary every month for a secure future. While some of us manage sticking to a monthly budget, most fail miserably.
‘Your salary has been credited’!
The real reason why nothing else seems to make us happier than receiving this notification is that most of us are broke by the end of the month and in a desperate need of some cash. Even though we make a lot of promises about saving more, as soon as the salary gets credited, we start finding innovative ways to spend it every chance we get. This cycle continues every month, and we fail to save. We make the same mistakes every month, without realising that we always need to have some backup for a rainy day.

Considering how smart our BB stars are, we decided to ask them about their saving habits and how they go about it. We sure got some smart answers (as expected). Here’s what they told us:

Shivank: For a movie buff like me, it’s hard to control the urge to watch new releases every week. Since I can’t control it, I changed the way I spend on movie tickets. I got a Kotak Mahindra Credit Card that gives me one ticket free upon the purchase of one. This awesome offer helps me save a lot every month and I also get to enjoy all my potentially favourite movies.

Nishant: I absolutely love junk food! I can’t stop hogging on fried chicken wings from KFC, my favourite overloaded cheese pizza from Domino’s and a lot more! You see the struggle, right? So, to stop myself from eating all this, I usually tell myself that I’ve become fat. It might sound a bit funny, but it works for me! I manage to save and also get to hone my cooking skills at home, which makes my wife happy. A win-win situation, you see!

Chaitali: I hate planning my money! So, my dad advised me to open another Savings Account with the auto-debit option. So, as soon as my salary gets credited, a set amount automatically gets deducted and gets transferred to my other account. This way, one account remains untouched and I get to save well.

Shrutika: I tend to buy a lot more when I’m hungry. So, to avoid spending on extra food items that I won’t even consume later, I avoid going grocery shopping when I’m hungry. It doesn’t just help me save better, but also helps avoid all the unnecessary calories as well.

Bhagya: To get over the blues of a stressful week, I prefer to drink at home instead of going out. Buying booze and drinking at home helps save a lot of money and effort as well. Also, before stepping out to shop, I like making a list of things that I absolutely need, and stick to it. When it comes to travel, I plan it well ahead of time to avail cheaper deals on flight tickets and hotel bookings.

Shruti: I don’t really have a special hack to save, but usually at the end of the month, I resist eating out and sometimes I also end up starving myself to meet other basic expenses like transportation, rent and EMIs. (BB says: Yikes, missy! We don’t endorse starvation. However, we couldn’t help but feature this response for pure originality!)

Swaroop: I love to shop for sunglasses and shoes every chance I get. Since both are expensive, I prefer buying from places that offer great quality and a good discount. That’s why I make weekly visits to factory outlets of various brands where I can buy branded stuff at a much cheaper price.

Yashwanth: I have chosen SIPs to invest my hard-earned money. Apart from that, I avoid shopping as much as I can and instead wait for sales like the Flipkart’s ‘Big Billion Day’ that offer the latest gadgets, smartphones and even the latest apparel at competitive rates. I believe in spending smart to save more.

Himanshu: I don’t really do much when it comes to saving, but to ensure that I have some money handy for rainy days, I keep all my Debit Cards hidden so that I don’t end up spending everything on shopping. Sound weird? You obviously don’t know me.

Mohammed: I’m someone who likes to stay fit and since I’m new to the city and yet to explore the gyms around, I walk a lot. So, I walk to work and back. It doesn’t just help me stay fit and active, but also helps save a lot. In this process, I’m actually getting to explore the city as well–another added bonus!

Nikhita: The best way to save is by changing the way you travel on a daily basis. Instead of taking a cab to work every day, I prefer taking the bus. It helps me fight all the unwanted traffic and I also get to avoid the surge pricing most cabs offer at peak office hours.

Sharada: I’m quite an outdoor person and love to explore new places with friends and family. While these outings are a lot fun, I plan them well enough to avoid spending extra. I pack a food basket at home and go for picnics in parks or enjoy a sunny day at the beach. This way, I get to enjoy all the home-cooked delicacies in a perfect outdoor setting, without burning a hole in my pocket.

Sridevi: I like to plan my savings well so that I have enough saved for an emergency or an ad-hoc expense. That’s why I’ve invested in an LIC policy for my mother and I also keep some money aside every month, that’s strictly not to be touched! It’s tough, but helps save well.

Lehar: I love to shop! So, to ensure that I don’t spend a lot doing that, I shop at the end of the month. Since the funds are limited in the last week of the month as compared to the first week, it automatically limits my purchases. I have also switched to window shopping and trust me, it has worked beautifully!

Sowmya: With petrol prices increasing by the day, we waste a lot of money on our daily commute. So, to save a bit there, I usually carpool on my way to work and back. It has helped me save quite a lot in the past few months.

Dheeraj: I live far away from work and since driving is a bad option in a city like Bangalore, given the bad traffic conditions, I prefer taking the metro. This helps me save a lot of money, time and headache too.

Do you have a better saving hack? Comment below and share it with us!

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