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The Hidden Benefits of Health Insurance

Did you think your Health Insurance only takes care of your hospital expenses? Health Insurance policies are beneficial in many more ways as the insurers foot the bill for various other costs too. Read this list of hidden benefits of your Health Insurance policy to get the full picture and see your Health Insurance plan in a different light.

Mediclaim vs Health Insurance

Mediclaim and Health Insurance look like two sides of the same coin, but a thorough analysis will tell you that these are two different coins altogether – as different as a Dollar and a Dinar. It’s important to pick the right coin. Most times, people buy a Mediclaim policy thinking it is a Health Insurance plan. So we will help you understand the difference.

Top health insurance mistakes to avoid!

While checking various health care policies, we are spoilt for choice making it difficult for us to know which policy would be the best suitable. Should you go in for a policy which is the cheapest of them all with low premium or opt for more specialized policy covering any pre existing diseases? Let us… Read More »