Things These Famous People Should Have Invested In

By | April 13, 2015

Smart investments promise great rewards when done early, wouldn’t you agree. So we looked around and found 5 famous beings, who in hindsight, would have benefited immensely had they invested in certain things early on in their careers.


Alia Bhatt (1)

…so save her blushes during GK quiz rounds of talk shows.

Image Source: Healthcarefix


Arnab Goswami (1)

…so as to avoid turning into a desi Hulk every time someone disagrees with him.

Image Source: Mensxp


Rahul Gandhi Speaking (1)

…so as to avoid putting his foot in his mouth every time he has to give a speech.

Image Source: Indiatimes

Nitin Gadkari (1)

…so as to avoid confusion about which ministry he actually heads.

Image Source: Telegraph

Tusshar Kapoor (1)

…so as to have more than 2 expressions for every movie scene he is in.

Image Source: Missmalini

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