Turning 40 Soon? Here Is How You Need To Plan Your Investments

By | December 28, 2017

 A few handy financial tips that you should follow at 40 for a good financial life ahead.

Turning 40 Soon? Here Is How You Need To Plan Your Investments

After you start earning, each passing decade has its own importance. However, when you turn 40, it calls for a serious evaluation of your finances along with a rework on your investment plan as you are almost in the middle of your working life. By 40s, you also have a clarity about your financial objectives and responsibilities. You still have 20-25 years to work, save and invest if you started working in the early 20s and plan to retire at 60.

If you are turning 40 soon, then your risk profile may change, and your financial objectives may need some adjustments as well.

Let’s take a look at some smart moves to plan your investments when stepping into the 40s.

Time To Assess Retirement Corpus Target

You may have drawn a plan to retire at a certain age considering the inflation rate prevailing at that time, but by the time you reach the 40s, the inflation rate may have changed considerably. Suppose, your objective was to build a corpus of Rs 50 lakh considering an average inflation of 5% p.a. However, this average inflation actually changed to around 7% and it brought down the money value by an extra 2 % over the expected inflation rate. This means that you should target a bigger retirement corpus by making appropriate changes in the investment portfolio.

Work Towards Loan Closure

You should try to maintain a low debt profile when you reach 40 as risk appetite usually starts diminishing as you inch closer to retirement. Higher debt level can put pressure on your long-term goal. If interest on borrowing increases abruptly, then you may find it difficult to repay your loan and it may lead you to a debt trap. So, you should start building a corpus to close all your long-term loans early. You should make a dedicated investment plan to clear the loan amount.

Invest As Per Your Family Needs

You should consider the necessities and requirements of your family members when planning the investment at this age. For example, your children may need a computer, bike or they may want to go for a higher study abroad. You should take care of all such family needs and accordingly invest in an instrument for appropriate return in the requisite time period.

Make Changes In Investment Portfolio As Per Change In Risk Capacity

Your risk-taking capacity in the 40s will not be same as in 20s or 30s. At this age, you won’t like to take a high risk and will look at consolidating the corpus that you have built so far. Considering the expected age of your retirement, you can check how much return you would need as per existing investment pattern to get your goal within remaining years. At this age, it is better to increase the investment size than to take a higher risk to get closer to your retirement corpus.

Invest To Get A Regular Cash Flow After Retirement

You should carefully consider building an investment portfolio that can generate regular cash flow after your retirement. You can explore investment options in schemes like National Pension Scheme (NPS) and annuities to generate a regular cash flow. Before you select the investment instrument, make an estimation of cash flow that would be required regularly after your retirement and accordingly, you can select the appropriate investment product.

It is important to put a cap on your expenses and try to lower it gradually as you get closer to your retirement and 40 is the best age to initiate this exercise. You must preserve your debt-raising capacity by keeping a good CIBIL Score and staying low on debt. So, it is better to avoid new loans until it is urgent. It is the best time to regain the lost ground if you have made some investment mistakes and restructure your portfolio to step ahead and get all your financial goals.

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