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By | January 25, 2016

Travel Insurance

Are you planning a vacation abroad to visit your dream destination? In the hustle bustle of planning your trip and packing your bags with your cannot-do-withouts, there is one essential thing you absolutely must not forget to get – Travel Insurance. This might seem like the least of your worries – what with booking tickets, organising your stay and everything else. However, there are various things that can go wrong while you are on a vacation abroad. Travel insurance is an under-exploited financial tool that could be the answer to all your troubles. Thus, it is very important to know when to run for cover and how.

Being in a strange land can place certain hurdles your way, especially when you are travelling with your family. In the unfortunate event that one of them has a medical emergency, you will be placed in an unpleasant situation where finding a hospital, paying the medical bills, getting tickets back home, and so on will be a hard task. Having a travel insurance with adequate coverage will help you resolve these issues with the medical reimbursements and emergency assistance the company provides. Also, if you do not find adequate medical treatment the travel insurance company will coordinate an emergency medical evacuation.

If you are still wondering whether taking travel insurance is really worth it or not, consider this scenario. You’re at the airport waiting for a connecting flight to take you to your holiday destination, when you find out that your flight has been cancelled! What do you do now? What happens to your ticket and all that money spent if you miss the next flight? With travel insurance, you won’t have to ask questions like these. With the assistance of the travel insurance emergency customer service and concierge services, you and your family can be reimbursed and you will find yourself on another flight, heading to your original destination in no time.

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Another scary situation that could arise is if your travel documents including your passport, wallet, etc. are misplaced, lost or stolen while you are abroad. Travel insurance coverage, offered by most insurers, will help you with the replacement and recover of your documents. Prepayments, deposits and other expenses made by the insured will also be reimbursed if the trip has been cancelled mid-way. Travel insurance steps-in as your guardian angel in these scenarios/ If you have travelled to a country where most people don’t speak English, the insurance agency will coordinate with the concerned authorities to ensure that you are provided all necessary assistance.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, getting travel insurance to cover your needs is a must-have. Travel insurance provides protection from the moment you board your flight till you return from your trip. Also, if you are travelling with your loved ones, especially with children or older members of the family, you have to be prepared for the worst and get good insurance coverage for your family. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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