Why Women Need To Buy A Medical Cover

By | October 30, 2017

Women must go for an adequate Health Insurance plan that covers not only basic hospitalisation but also critical illnesses such as breast cancer etc.

Managing a home has always been challenging and doing that while pursuing a career is even tougher. While juggling between varied roles, women tend to remain ignorant about important things like their own health. Both housewives and working women appear to lag behind in financial planning owing to their caring and selfless nature. The argument for women’s insurance doesn’t end here.

According to a recent study, only 10 percent of employed women have a Health Insurance Plan. This figure reflects a stark difference in Health Insurance coverage between men and women, which is also a big concern.

What needs to be realised is that women too have an equal need for a medical cover and the reasons are many. Let’s have a look why most women are not covered under Health Insurance and why they must go for medical cover.


Women, in general, tend to ignore their health and its needs over priority to family. They are more concerned about the well-being of the family before self. Even employed women many times tend to give it a miss. But health problems have nothing to do with gender. Hence, women must go for adequate Health Insurance plans that cover not only basic hospitalisation but also critical illnesses such as breast cancer etc.

Reliance on family cove

Usually, a household opts for a family plan to cover one and all. Here, men take the lead in deciding the health coverage for the family. However, they do not realise that a specific plan for a woman is must to cover her fully for any contingency that may occur. A specific plan for the woman of the family covering particular critical illness such as breast cancer can go a long way in securing her health and not burning a hole in the family’s pocket or exhausting all the savings.

Employer’s Health Plan

 Most tend to rely on just the health plan provided by the employer to cover risks. But they do not realise that the employer’s health plan will be for a limited amount covering basic hospitalisation and illness. Even employed women tend to ignore this aspect and just rely on employer’s health plan. Hence, a separate health insurance plan is a must for both men and women to cover themselves adequately for critical illnesses.

Premium is considered as an extra burden

The general tendency for women is to save for the future. They will spend money on their family or shopping, but when it comes to shelling money for a health insurance premium it may not sound like a priority. This could be due to over-dependence on the employer’s health plan or the family’s floater cover. But it needs to be understood that insurance premium is not an extra burden but a means to secure one’s health. Hence, it is of utmost importance for women to secure their health through adequate coverage.

Not giving importance to risk

In young age, people tend to avoid taking Health Insurance cover as they feel there is nothing to worry as they are in the pink of health. It’s a wrong notion because falling sick is in nobody’s control. Women tend to ignore these risks and avoid taking health cover. This apathy can cost the women dearly if in case a major illness happens. Hence, it is of utmost importance for the women to cover themselves adequately under a health insurance plan.

When it comes to health there should be zero negligence, be it, men or women. Both have to cover themselves for any medical contingencies.

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