10 Things To Inspect Before You Buy A House

By | June 2, 2017

10 Things To Inspect Before You Buy A House

One of the most important goals in life is to live under a roof of your own. Though everyone wishes to be proud owners of a beautiful house, the process of buying a house is not easy. The decision to buy a house is an extremely important one as real estate deals don’t come cheap.

Since you are about to invest a big chunk of your savings into buying the house of your dreams, it is important to check if the property that you are buying is worth the money. Before you rush to apply for a Home Loan, inspect the house you are looking to buy for these 10 things. Whether you are buying an apartment, a condo or an independent property, here are 10 things that you need to inspect before you close the deal.

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Check the legal papers of the property: Property fraud is becoming quite common these days as most buyers are ignorant of the complete paperwork involved. In order to ensure that you don’t fall victim to property fraud, check if the house that you are planning to buy is free from all legal hassles. Hire a lawyer to check the legal documents of the house.  A lot of times, people try to sell off a disputed property or a property that is in the name of a minor. Make sure that you are not dragged into the legal issues of the property by conducting a thorough legal inspection. 

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Check for legitimate approvals: Illegal constructions are on a rise with buildings cropping up wherever you look. There are millions of people in the country who are dwelling in illegally constructed properties, constantly living under the fear of their house being demolished anytime by government authorities. So before you buy a house, make sure that the house is constructed on a government approved land.

Apart from that, check if the house has got necessary approvals and clearances from the electrical department, water department and other government bodies. If the builder tells you that he will get the approvals once the construction starts, shy away from such properties as it might run into trouble while acquiring approvals in the future. You don’t have to worry about all these legal issues and approvals if you are buying a house that has already been inspected and approved by banks for providing Home Loans to buyers. But if you are buying an old house or an uninspected house, ensure that you check for all the legitimate approvals.

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Termites and Pest Inspection: Termites are considered to be cancer for wooden furniture and other wooden accessories in the house. So before you set your eyes on the said property, make sure that you conduct a termite inspection. And if your family consists of infants or pets, you need to ensure that the house is free of pests like bed bugs, fleas, mice etc. Conduct a thorough pest inspection before you buy the house.

Foundation inspection: The health of the house largely depends on the stability of the foundation. If the stability of the foundation is weakened by corrosion, then it poses a great danger to the structural integrity of the house. Before you sign the dotted line, hire an expert who can undertake a thorough analysis of the foundation. Foundation inspection is a must if you are buying a house that is older than 10 years.  

Check for moulds and water leakage: Plumbing problems are one of the biggest issues faced by many houses in the country. With water leakage being Achilles’ heel of many homes, one should carefully inspect for water seeping through walls and moulds growing in wet areas of the house. Moulds can cause health hazards, so such an inspection is necessary before you purchase the house. Else you’ll end up holding an umbrella inside your house when it rains!

Roof Inspection: If you are buying an independent house, it is necessary that you thoroughly inspect the roof for cracks, abrasions and water leakage. Even if you are buying an apartment make sure that you check the ceiling for any structural defects.

Soil Inspection: If you are buying a house on a hilltop, there is an imminent danger of damage to the property due to landslides. Landslides occur if the soil of the hill slope is not strong enough to resist being washed away by incessant rains. Make sure that you conduct a soil inspection and buy the house only when you get a go ahead from soil experts.

Drainage Inspection: Water drainage system in the bathrooms and kitchen needs to be thoroughly checked. A drainage inspection is essential to find out if the house can drain rainwater in case of floods or other natural calamities.

Electrical Inspection: If you are buying one of those British colonial houses or a property that can be called a heritage home, make sure to replace the wiring and the electrical fixtures with newer fittings. The ancient electrical fixtures will not be able to take the load of a zillion electrical appliances we use to live a comfortable life. Hire a local electrician who knows about the electrical architecture of the houses, as he would be best placed to identify and fix any electrical problems that you might face.

Check for cracks on walls and ceilings: You don’t need experts or professionals to spot a crack on walls or ceilings. Generally, cracks on the walls reflect the state of the structural stability of the house. Thoroughly inspect for cracks both inside and outside the house.

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Buying a house is a life changing decision. So make sure that you completed all the ten inspections mentioned in this article before you sign on the dotted line. It will not only help you find out the hidden problems in the house but will also ensure that you get value for your money. You can hire professionals or get a trusted and experienced realtor on board to inspect the house thoroughly. These inspections will help you make the right decisions and ensure your family’s happiness and financial well-being once you move into your home sweet home.

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