12th Birthday Special: Quiz – How Well Do You Know BankBazaar?

By BankBazaar | July 31, 2020

As BankBazaar turns 12, here are 12 questions to gauge your BB knowledge! Take the quiz to see where you stand. Good luck!       

Who is BankBazaar's CEO?

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Which among these is NOT an investor in BankBazaar?

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BankBazaar has tied up with which credit reporting agency to offer free credit reports to its customers?

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BankBazaar is India's first _________ online marketplace, providing customised offers on loans and credit cards.

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The future of credit delivery in India is

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BankBazaar is the ideal place to check your ____ score for free

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BankBazaar’s mission is:

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Does applying for a pre-approved Credit Card affect your Credit Score?

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BankBazaar’s very first banking partner was:

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BankBazaar’s legally registered name is:

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Out of the options below, which one does NOT feature in your credit report?

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BankBazaar’s very first investor was:

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12th Birthday Special: Quiz - How Well Do You Know BankBazaar?
Woohoo! You’re a true BB legend.
Well done, you seem to know BB pretty well!
A quick brush-up on some BB trivia can help you do better.
Hello, stranger, looks like you don’t know us at all. No worries, let’s get acquainted 🙂

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  1. AvatarRabindra Jha

    Great Place to work…!!!

    Lots of opportunities, If you show promise, can learn a lot.

  2. AvatarGIRISH

    Lets the all mighty give bankbazaar.com all strength to have more innovations that takes the company to new heights in Global Finance


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