4 Incredibly Nifty Credit Card Tricks To Help You Save

By BankBazaar | October 25, 2017

Looking for ways to save more on your Credit Card? You’ve come to the right place.4 Incredibly Nifty Credit Card Tricks To Help You Save

If you think Credit Cards are just a mere replacement for cash, you’re wrong! Credit Cards can do a lot more than just eliminating the need to use cash everywhere.

Believe it or not, a Credit Card can help you save. Hard to fathom, but it’s true. Which is exactly why we’ve come with proof.

Here are 4 incredibly nifty Credit Card tricks that can help you utilise it more effectively so that you can save more.

  • The Bonus Game

We’ve all had regrets at some point in life, haven’t we? Sometimes, after signing up for a particular Credit Card, you may have come across another card with a better sign-up bonus.

It’s natural to feel disappointed and blame your luck. However, there’s always a way out. You can always talk to your bank and explain your situation. They may offer your better bonus features or may even be willing to give bonus benefits that match the other Credit Card you came across.

After all, they wouldn’t want to lose a customer, so they may consider your request. All you have to do is ask. Think about all those frequent flier miles and heavy discounts. That should be enough to motivate you to put on your negotiation hat.

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  • Referrals

If you already have a Credit Card, you could earn extra rewards by referring your friends, loved ones or just about anyone you know to apply for a Credit Card from the same bank.

All you need to do is find out if your bank or Credit Card issuer has a referral bonus scheme in place and you could be swimming in an ocean of benefits by the time you’re done convincing everyone you know about the benefits of a Credit Card.

In fact, with all the extra rewards you get, you could bring your expenses down to a minimum, thus helping you save more.

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  • Get Smarter

Did you know that people who pay their Credit Card balances in full and on time often receive a lot of incentives from their banks? You could be one of those people.

All you need to do is give up the habit of making only minimum payments on your Credit Card and start paying on time. Paying on time (or before the deadline) can help you enjoy longer interest-free periods on your Credit Cards.

If you already have a Credit Card, you’re probably already aware of the super high interest rates. Being a little more punctual and organised can help you manage your money better.

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  • Use Your Gift Cards Wisely

Don’t overspend just to earn a small reward. Don’t go after all those gift cards unless they really make sense for you. Most of us often get blinded by the sparkling offers and deals on Credit Cards and often end up signing up for cards we don’t really need. That way, we only end up paying more than required. Analyse your needs and wants well before running after every other gift card.

Now that you’re in a better position to utilise your Credit Cards well, it’s time to find yourself a plastic mate. We have a number of options for you to choose from. All you need to do is know what you want and look accordingly.

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