4 Sportswomen Who Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Investing

By | March 1, 2022

While we certainly admire the tenacity and sheer skill of the world’s top female athletes, they exhibit certain traits that we would do well to mimic when investing our money.

4 Sportswomen Who Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Investing

Times are certainly changing. No more is the world of sport dominated by male athletes as far as prize money, lucrative endorsements or even critical acclaim is concerned. Over the last decade or so, female athletes have been rapidly chipping away at age-old stereotypes and are now at an equal footing with their male counterparts.  

With more and more women making their voices heard around the world in every field you can imagine, their clamor to be given their due has reached fever pitch and is changing the way the world views women and their achievements.  

In fact, there are four sportswomen in particular who have captured the imagination of the masses on a global scale and garnered accolades from all across the planet for their incredible tenacity, skill and never-say-die attitude.  

While these are certainly excellent characteristics that everyone should strive to develop within themselves, there are certain traits that these amazing athletes exhibit that we would do well to mimic when it comes to investing our hard-earned money 

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So, without further ado, let’s reveal who these superwomen are and how each of them can help us with our investment strategy: 

  • Steffi Graf

Oldschool tennis fans will certainly know all about Steffi Graf, who practically dominated women’s tennis before the turn of the century. Back in her heyday, Graf was even touted as being more than a match for most male tennis players, if not at least their equal. What endeared the German superstar to tennis aficionados everywhere was her ruthless, terminator-like approach to her game. She knew what she wanted and usually achieved her goals with laser-like focus.  

When it comes to investing our money, weighing our options and zeroing in on investment avenues like Fixed Deposits or Mutual Funds that will help us meet our goals should be our top priority.

Regardless of whether we have short-term or long-term investment goals, if we are clear about what we expect to achieve financially, then we need to go after it with the same attitude Graf displays when she has her eye on another Grand Slam trophy.  

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  • Mary Kom

Closer to home, Mary Kom took the nation by storm with her incredible exploits in the world of boxing. Renowned for her discipline, resolve and ironwill, India’s very own superwoman showed that if you’re willing to knuckle down and fight for what you want to achieve, then there’s no stopping you.  

Similarly, investing money may seem like a fairly simple task, but it requires far more discipline and resolve than one might think. Just because you park your money in a bunch of investments doesn’t mean you can just sit back and not keep a track of how they are performing.  

You need to be disciplined about keeping track of your investments to ensure that they are performing as per your expectations. By keeping track of them, you can eventually decide whether you need to alter your investment strategy according to your goals in the same way a boxer alters his or her strategy to beat different opponents.  

Remember, investing may be easy but, as with boxing, it requires commitment on your part.  

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  • Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey shot to fame as mixed martial arts started to surge in popularity over the last decade. What set her apart from her opponents was her exquisite timing since she was always prepared to wait for the perfect moment to strike. It was her knack for attacking at the right time with the right moves that took her to the top of the pile in the UFC and saw her rise beyond all expectations.  

You probably guessed it, but applying the same game plan to your investment strategy could see you strike gold as well. With investing, patience is key. Investing in long-term investments like PPF, Fixed Deposits, National Pension Scheme etc. which have long lock-in periods, could see your money grow exponentially over the years, eventually giving you a substantial kitty once they mature.  

Also, staying on top of market trends and thoroughly researching on which Mutual Funds are doing well and which ones have a good track record, can certainly help you pick the right ones that will help you make a decent chunk of change over the short-term should you look to go down that route as well.  

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  • Serena Williams

Coming back to the world of tennis, it’s hard to ignore the impact Serena Williams has had on the sport and the overall impact she’s had on the way the world views sportswomen in general. A staunch supporter of equal rights, not only has Serena powered her way to legendary status as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, she’s also made sure she branched out into various fields like fashion, entertainment, property and much more, proving that she’s adept at excelling on multiple fronts.  

Similarly, when investing your money, it’s always a good idea to have a diverse investment portfolio in order to minimise loss and extract maximum gain from your investments. Spread out your investments across different investment classes such as large-cap funds, mid-cap funds and small-cap funds and you should be in a great position to achieve your financial goals and then some. 

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Women everywhere are making their presence felt more than ever in all walks of life and these sportswomen prove it in spades. Time to emulate these incredible women and delve into the world of investing with supreme confidence. 

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