4 Ways A.R. Rahman’s Approach To Music Can Be Applied To Our Finances

By | June 21, 2021

Grew up listening to A.R. Rahman tunes? Did you know his music can help you manage your money? Sounds crazy? Read on to find out what we’re talking about.

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The Mozart of Madras needs no introduction; he’s changed Indian film music for the good. Yes, we’re talking about A.R. Rahman. Right from his early days to the present, Rahman has managed to stay on top of the music game. No wonder his music has been recognised at a global level.

While we’re sure he’s an inspiration to many aspiring musicians and music directors, his influence goes beyond that. Every successful personality is a case study on how to get things right, and Rahman, or ARR is no exception. No matter what you’re doing, you can draw inspiration from these personalities and apply it in your own way.

This brings us to the question – what can ARR’s approach and success teach us and how can we use it while handling our personal finances? Well, let’s find out.

Build Up To Something Good

A lot of composers try to come up with a good hook but forget about the journey of the song. That’s where ARR is different. He leads the listener to a gradual peak by adding tasteful layers, and then, when the song reaches its peak, he brings out the magic in all its glory.

The take away – To build a truly lasting financial plan, you have to make sure the building blocks are laid out carefully and seamlessly. Be realistic and don’t be over-ambitious.

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Stay Updated With The Trends

The fact that ARR is still one of the most sought-after music directors today is a testament to how he has stayed relevant. Unlike other legends such as Iliyaraja who stuck to their comfort zone, ARR realised the importance of staying updated to new trends in music. This is why he continued to experiment and evolve. His ability to understand traditional music as well as modern electronica is what makes him truly unique.

The take away – Just because you’re comfortable with one form of investment or banking, don’t neglect newer, more cutting-edge tools that are at your disposal. For example, a person who is used to Debit Cards may feel that a Credit Card is an unnecessary evil. He or she tends to make this judgement purely because of lack of experience & awareness about the perks and benefits that await him/her in the credit world.

Think Out Of The Box

Only ARR can think of a western-style song with a rocking Veena solo or a Carnatic song with an EDM beat to it. His ability to fuse different styles allows him to create new soundscapes. It is clear from this that he’s not one to conform to any formulaic style of composition; he’s not afraid of trying something new.

The take away – Don’t hesitate to mix things up once in a while. For instance, your credit portfolio benefits a lot when you have a variety of credit accounts in your portolio as opposed to just one type of credit account. Similarly, feel free to explore different investment opportunities.

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Be Confident About Your Strengths

Ever noticed how Rahman chooses to sing some of his songs though he can afford to hire the best professional singers in the world? This is especially true in songs that have a lot of spirituality, heart and soul. Probably ARR knows that though there are technically more proficient singers around, nobody can bring the feels quite like him when it comes to those heart-felt melodies. A few examples – Dil Se (title track), Rehna Tu (Dilli-6).

The take away – If you feel you have an inborn talent in investing or budgeting, don’t hesitate to do it on your own. Yes, you can always fall back on professional advice, but as long as you’re confident and well-informed, nothing can stop you. For instance, if you check your credit report regularly and have figured out how to improve your Credit Score every few months, you can confidently call yourself a credit pro.

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