5 Affordable European Countries To Visit In 2019

By | January 29, 2019

Worried about depleting your savings while touring Europe? Fret not! Here are 5 rather affordable European countries you can visit if you are on a shoestring budget.

5 Affordable European Countries To Visit In 2019

A vacation is an ideal way to unwind. Travel in general does have a soothing and calming effect on most people. So, if you plan to travel this year, then let it be to Europe. We’re sure you’re probably scratching your head now and wondering how you’re going to arrange for funds for such an expensive European holiday.

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Relax there mate! We’ll tell you just how you can choose to travel to some of the most affordable European countries this year without burning a large hole in your pockets. Did you know that a lot of eastern European countries are among the less-ventured into and most beautiful places on this planet?

Well, yes! A trip to Europe doesn’t have to include visiting the clichés like France & Italy. Moreover, the eastern European parts are also very affordable in terms of lodging and other travel expenses.

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So, here is our list of 5 rather affordable European countries to visit in 2019.

1. Poland

Although, Poland may not be everyone’s top choice for a holiday, the country is full of breath-taking views, interesting monuments, and historical remnants. Warsaw, which is the country’s capital, has great places to shop and dine. You can also enjoy some colourful old-town squares and streets.

Alternatively, you can make a quick visit to Krakow if you love mysterious cafes, rich architecture, and would like to see where the movie Schindler’s List was shot.

2. Czech Republic

In recent times, the Czech Republic has become very popular among travellers due to its untouched historical relevance during the world wars and its authentic culture which hasn’t been spoilt by tourism.

The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the St. Vitus Cathedral are just a few sights of Prague. But, if you love old, small towns and villages, you can head over to Cesky Krumlov, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and spend some time there just exploring the quaint little 18th century village.

3. Slovenia

The whole country of Slovenia is filled with lush valleys and trails. It’s a perfect place for people who like to go on treks and hikes. Some of the places you can’t miss visiting in Slovenia are Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, Vintgar Gorge and Triglav.

Slovenia boasts of its folk culture, local wines, snow-capped mountains and some scenic beaches. This combined makes it an ideal spot for a great vacation.

4. Bulgaria

Although one of the lesser travelled countries in the world, Bulgaria sure has a lot to offer to its visitors. The mountain slopes of Bansko and Pomporovo often attract skiers in the winters while the Black Sea draws crowds in the summer.

A good mix of ancient seaside towns and monasteries, Bulgaria sports a timeless charm that seems to envelop the entire country.

5. Estonia

Located in Northern Europe, Estonia has been underrated for its medieval cities, scenic coastline and fascinating history. If you like visiting castles and national parks, then this is the place to be. The Soomaa National Park is a peat bog as a result of a glacier melt for more than 10,000 years ago and has plenty of beautiful rivers surrounding it.

Then you have the Lahemaa national park which is equally popular. If you’re looking to explore medieval architecture then you should head over to Tallinn. You can also visit the Rakvere Castle which was built in the 16th century which has now turned into a theme park of sorts.

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As you plan your 2019 vacation, we suggest you consider visiting these countries in Europe that are not only just plain gorgeous, but equally affordable. Did you know that with a Travel Credit Card you can get some amazing offers on flights and hotels? Care to check?

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