5 Essential Things New Pet Parents Must Keep in Mind

By | April 13, 2022

Planning on bringing a purr-ball into your life? Read on to know how to make life easier!

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Our beloved pups and kits make our lives much easier and happier. When they hear the lock turn, they rush to the door and greet us with all their might. That’s all the unconditional love we need to keep our faith in ourselves strong every single day. 

If we started jotting down the different instances of how they bring more joy to our lives, the list would probably go on forever. Not just that, apart from doing all the cute and stupid things, they teach us a thing or two about living life too. My cat teaches me how important it is to be patient. Taking care of an animal is like taking care of a baby. The catch is the fact that the baby never grows. The baby is always trying to escape the walls of the house in order to go out on adventures with pigeons, dogs, and whatnot. As you are the responsible one in this equation, it is on you to keep your baby safe. 

If you are a new pet parent, or are planning to introduce yourself to an animal, then you must be up to the task of being the best human for your floof! 

This piece is going to help you stand up to the task of being the best human ever. Follow the five basic steps below and you will be good to go. No questions asked! 

Don’t buy, rather adopt

There are so many pups and kits who need a human in their lives. So why not adopt? A lot of backyard breeders cause a lot of stress to dogs as they are forced to breed as often as possible. Adopting a pet literally means saving a life. Honestly, that’s the kind of karma you need. Homeless animals are always at a risk when out on the streets. From accidents and starvation, their list of struggles goes on. Your decision to adopt one of them makes the world a better place.

Plan a meal schedule for them

This is crucial. I personally try to keep my cat’s processed food intake to a minimum. I am not a very big fan of buying food off the shelf! Apart from planning and cooking my own meals, I plan hers too! This is important because a lot of pet parents raise their pups and kits entirely on a diet of packaged, processed foods. Let’s face it: processed food is not the most reputable source of nutrition. They taste good, for sure, but in terms of nutrition, real foods are the way to go! So, cook their meals too and give them packaged foods as occasional treats.

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Cover all exit routes!

Yes, animals are basically babies that never grow up. This point is the most important to me because I once had a cat that jumped off of my third-floor balcony. It was like one of my worst nightmares had come true! Most of the time, animals try to escape, not because they don’t like you, but mostly because they are so curious.

So, don’t leave any windows unchecked for their curiosity. Install mesh wherever needed and make sure it is safe.

The biggest virtue of all!

You need to exercise patience. A lot of times, animals take time to adjust to their new surroundings. Not just that, they need the space to be able to trust you. Once you let them know you love them and mean no harm, you will have a best friend for life. Something to keep in mind is the fact that animals don’t understand language, so your actions and gestures towards your pet will create an impression. It’s very easy to get impatient as we may expect them to reciprocate in a certain way. Fighting impatience only makes us wiser and calmer. 

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Visits to vets can cost a lot!

With the pandemic restricting most people to their homes, adoption rates for animals went up steadily. So, it only makes sense to buy insurance plans for them too. Right now, in India, pet insurance plans are only available for dogs.

There are three types of pet insurance cover. Lifetime-cover, time-limited cover, and money-limit cover. The pets are protected for the rest of their lives against any critical or long-term sickness under a lifetime cover. In the event that a pet develops a disease or gets injured, time-limited pet insurance coverage provides financial protection for a specific amount of time. Money-limit coverage provides financial assistance to pet owners in meeting their pets’ medical bills.

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Insurance is the saviour for all your pets’ needs but for everything else, there is BankBazaar! 

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