5 More Unconventional Ways To Make Money

By | March 15, 2017

5 More Unconventional Ways To Make Money

Who doesn’t love making money? Unless you plan on living like a hermit in a cave somewhere in the Himalayas, there’s a good chance that any financial opportunity that comes your way makes you go all googly-eyed.

Sure, you could make money the conventional way, like, you know, getting a job, dabbling in the stock market, or selling arms and ammunition to countries with suspect governments. Or, you could do something a little more ‘off-beat’ to earn yourself some extra moolah.

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So, before you start exchanging emails with radical groups from other nations, here are 5 unconventional ways through which you could make a decent chunk of change.

  1. Busking

While busking is predominantly a western concept, you could make a fair amount of money if you happen to be fairly proficient at an instrument and have a knack for improvisation. European city squares are chock-full of buskers playing everything from rock n’ roll to classical music, hoping to fill their coffers with money from intrigued tourists.

If you happen to find yourself somewhere in Europe for example, you could put your acoustic guitar and your vocal chords to good use, or you could give it a shot right here on a busy street in India. Who knows? You could become a local ‘star’ or make the evening news while cops tonk you over the head with their lathis.

If you happen to experience the latter, make sure you have a good Health Insurance policy in place to take care of all those hospitalisation charges.

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  1. Music Lessons

Since we’re talking about music, why not try and make the most of your talent and conduct classes for kids, working professionals, or just about anyone who’s ever wanted to learn an instrument?

If you happen to be good at the guitar, the drums, or any other instrument, you could probably use your garage or even a spare room in your home to conduct sessions. You could teach music to kids on weekends or maybe even tie up with schools to teach at their premises.

And, if you think there may be a possibility to turn it into a full-time career, you could even take out a Personal Loan and set up your own professional teaching centre.

It’s a great way to impart knowledge as well as make some substantial cash, which we’re sure, sounds like music to your ears.

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  1. Handicrafts

If you’re good with your hands, then why not try your…errr…hand at handicrafts. You could use your creativity to make things like dreamcatchers, eye-catching ornaments, personalised quilts, blankets, and much much more.

All you need to do is buy the raw materials required, like maybe some yarn, stationary, glue, etc. and let your hands do the rest. There are no limits to what you can create and you won’t have to contend with a guy in a suit breathing down your neck every 15 minutes.

You could make use of your Credit Card to help you purchase all the material you need, and also use it to buy a domain of your own to set up your own web store through which you can sell your products.

Sounds pretty ‘handy’ to us.

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  1. Home-cooked Food

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, you could certainly fill up your wallet through his stomach as well.

If you love cooking and your ultimate dream is to get yelled at by Gordon Ramsay, then you could definitely turn all of that into a great way to make some money for yourself.

With tons of working professionals craving a nice hot meal of home-cooked food, you could set up an online service with a three-course menu serving what you specialise in. Customers can then book what food they want to eat, make the payment online or through their mobile wallets and land up at your doorstep to pick it up to go.

And, if business seems to be picking up, you could even start your own ‘after hours’ delivery service, to deliver food within a certain radius after you’ve hung up your apron for the day.

No vehicle to carry out your deliveries? No problem. With a Car Loan or a Two-Wheeler Loan, you can get yourself the perfect means of transportation to take your business to the next level.

It may be unconventional, but it’s certainly a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

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  1. DIY Travel Agent

Here’s a really cool and relatively easy way to make some extra money. If you’re an experienced traveller, especially to countries outside India, you could set up your own DIY travel consultancy in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Yup! It really is that simple. All you need to do is put your vast experience and travel know-how to good use, especially when it comes to helping people with their visa documentation, planning a budget trip, finding cheap flight tickets, or even just giving them tips on how to save money when travelling.

And it doesn’t have to end there. You could even help travellers acquire a good Travel Insurance Policy or recommend Travel Credit Cards that will give their holidays that extra zing.

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So, if you’re sick and tired of your regular job, or just looking to make a little extra on the side, these unconventional money-making ways should be right up your alley. Just make sure you put that ‘arms and ammunition’ idea on hold for a little while longer.


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