5 Tips To Become The Ultimate Productivity Ninja

By | January 20, 2022

All those who work remotely must figure out how to set boundaries between business and personal life. Here’s simple guide to mastering the new normal and boosting productivity based on personal experience.

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The pandemic drove humanity to shift its way of life. Obviously, no one ever wishes for a pandemic, yet it has occurred and continues to occur. We weren’t prepared for it when it hit us. After two years and millions of vaccinations, people are still getting used to the new lifestyle. Remote working was among the first changes that took place. Companies all over the world were compelled to relocate their employees to their homes for work. The transition was supported by faster internet connectivity and computers.  

However, a lot of people were laid off from their respective jobs at the beginning of the pandemic. The world needed to make a sudden, radical move and it had come to a sudden halt. Humanity wasn’t prepared for it. 

The pandemic tore down cultural and technological hurdles that previously prevented remote work, causing a major shift in behaviour. Remote work raises a vast array of issues and challenges for employees and employers. Companies pondered how to best deliver coaching remotely and how to configure remote workspaces to maintain and enhance employee productivity. 

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I began looking for a new job at the peak of the second wave. The CV was updated, applications were sent out, and the search was on. After many applications and rejections, I finally found a new job. BankBazaar was my new challenge. To be honest, I was both nervous and excited. I was excited because I was starting a new job and nervous because I had to learn so many new things remotely. If you are wondering on how to go about a job change in the current world, this piece should help. 

Here’s a list of the top five things that I feel worked best: 

 Work from home, not bed 

One of the most key points made by supporters of working from office is that they can be more productive. Their argument is also rather straightforward. When working from home, there are many distractions. There is, however, a straightforward solution.  

Establish a work schedule and a dedicated workstation. I’ve learned that if you never really separate from work, your professional productivity will suffer, and your personal life will take a hit as well. Working from your bed may appear to be a convenient and comfy option, but having a dedicated workspace is important in the long run.  

More time, more bandwidth 

This is the most personal reason for me. I have always dreaded the commute to office and always will. The list of whys is endless, and we won’t get into that here. Depending on the day, or the previous day, working from home always gives you more time. So, if the system is used wisely, you will be surprised to know how much more you can get done.  

Use the early mornings to smash that to-do list. A well-rested brain works like a factory. The simple habit of waking up early to get working will max your productivity. Add to this the habit of a regular mindfulness practice and you’ll work wonders for yourself! 

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Stay away from devices, news and distractions 

Okay, this is easier said than done. However, it is crucial. It is a proven and well-known fact that mobile devices are addictive and affect focus. So, this is going to be a continuous battle that you must win to make the most of your day. Put your phone on silent and stash it away while you work. Again, there is science behind it as to why it helps, but we won’t get into that in detail.  

The basic gist of it is this: to be able to have unwavering focus, your brain will need to rest. Scrolling through your cell phone doesn’t let your brain rest. So, add a layer of no-device rules to getting up early and you will be halfway to becoming the ultimate productivity ninja. 

Take a break 

Yes, we all need rest. Therefore, rest you must. A break means that you disconnect and do nothing. Putting your work aside for a bit to browse through your phone may seem like a break from work, but from a physiological perspective, it is not. So, disconnect and do random things that don’t require your attention. It will take you a long way towards getting more work done.   

Know your colleagues 

If you have joined a new workforce during the pandemic, this will help. Aside from all routines and practices, what helps the most is having a good set of people around you. That applies to every aspect in life, but it is more relevant in the current times. Only because we are expected to stay away physically.  

Your colleagues will play an important role in helping you adjust, adapt and learn new skills. So, it only makes sense to know them better. It will help you build a rapport. A simple exercise of having weekly social video calls will enable you to connect with them beyond your professional sphere. 

And there you have it – simple hacks to become the ultimate productivity ninja. If you’re in the market for a new job, remember that some companies also run a Credit Score check on potential employees! Want to know where you stand in less than three minutes? Just click the button below! 

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