5 Virat Kohli Habits You Can Apply To Your Investments

By | June 26, 2019

Enjoy watching Virat Kohli bat? Turns out you can not only learn great cricket technique from the Indian skipper but also take away lessons from his batting that will help you with your investments. 

5 Virat Kohli Habits You Can Apply To Your Investments

Virat Kohli is possibly the best batsman in the cricketing world today. His statistics speak for themselves and his dedication is seen and felt every moment he’s on the pitch. What makes Kohli a supremely successful batsman is his adherence to basic but crucial habits.

Why are we talking about this? Turns out you can also apply his secrets of success to your investment game and flourish!

1. Disclipine

Virat Kohli is a very disciplined sportsman. He never skips training, be it at the nets or in the gym, and this clearly shows in his body balance and general fitness. His inspiring dedication has raised the bar of fitness for the Indian cricket team.

You can apply this value to the way you deal with investments too by sticking to your plan and not wavering from it come what may.

2. Gauging The Scenario

One of Kohli’s other strengths is his ability to adapt his batting style to a variety of situations. His understanding of external factors such as the condition of the pitch and the match scenario makes him ready for anything. Similarly, you could also get better at investing by simply understanding the market and the various factors that determine its climate. The more you know, the smarter your investment decisions – as simple as that!

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3. Timing

Notice Kohli’s fours and sixes; most of the time, his power shots aren’t backed by brute force; they are backed by flawless technique and more importantly, great timing. Kohli gauges the right time for his bat to come in contact with the ball, so he hardly needs to use power to get the ball to the boundary.

This point can be an extension of the previous point we made about understanding the market. Once you do that, your decisions will need to be timed smartly if you want great results. For instance, an investor who’s aware of the market will always buy stocks when the price falls and sell them when it reaches a high.

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4. Bold But Calculative

Kohli’s boldness may have received its share of criticism, but one can’t deny the fact that his confident decisions have really lifted the team in key situations. Though attributes like boldness are often perceived to be ‘young blood’ acting out, Kohli’s confidence is more or less driven by his expert understanding of the game. As the captain, his ability to adapt, improvise and try new things is commendable.

Similarly, if you feel your investment plan is lacking some spice, don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting. As long as your risks and calculative, your finances won’t take a beating.

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Also, Kohli knows how to balance various factors to achieve success, and this is something you can do with your personal finances too. Want to build your dream team of investments and savings? Consider Mutual Funds, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits and more!

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