How To Be Your Credit Score’s Secret Santa

By | December 20, 2021

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so give your Credit Score the perfect Christmas by playing Santa to it and surprising it with the right kind of gifts. Curious? Read on.

5 Ways You Can Be Your Credit Scores Secret Santa (1)

December is here and it’s time to ring in the celebrations! Just as we look forward to gifts on special occasions, your Credit Score too believes in the joy of presents, so don’t ignore it. Most of you may engage in games such as Secret Santa at your workplace, but you could also play Secret Santa to your Credit Score by following the below tips.

Step 1: Evaluate What Your Credit Score Needs

It doesn’t help to buy someone something that they already have, so find out what your Credit Score is lacking. How do you do this? By checking your Credit Score and going through your detailed analysis report.

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Step 2: Zero In On Your Gift

Now that you’ve read your report, you should have a clear idea of what your gift can be. For instance, if you find that your credit portfolio has only a mix of loans and no Credit Cards, you could get one.

Psst… do you have an ICICI Bank Savings Account? You could be eligible for a pre-approved Credit Card from ICICI Bank. With a good Credit Score on your side, chances of you getting this card within just 30 seconds are very high!

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Step 3: Time Your Gift Properly

So let’s say you’re going in for a Credit Card. Make sure you time your gift properly so that you don’t end up hurting your Credit Score. For instance, apply for it when your Credit Score is good as chances of approval will be high. What if your Credit Score isn’t great? Here’s what could happen: your lender will run a hard enquiry on your credit history (which will cut a few points from your Credit Score) and see that your Credit Score may not be ideal for easy approval.

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Step 4: Don’t Miss Your Credit Score’s Reaction

Nothing can put a price on the joy a nice gift brings on someone’s face. Once you’ve given your Credit Score its gift, don’t just vanish; check in on your Credit Score in a few days and you’re bound to see a cheerful Credit Score smiling back at you.

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