6 Surprising Ways Being Healthy Saves You Money

By | June 10, 2015

We bet not a day goes by without you getting lectured by websites/magazines/anyone under the sun about the benefits of good health and fitness. Yes yes, you avoid disease, are more energetic and live longer but what if we told you fitness if good for your financial health too? Of course, that doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to the option of Health Insurance. You shouldn’t. So here are 6 ways health can lead to wealth.

1. Your old clothes fit just as fine


…so no shopping binges every time you change sizes


 2. You have the energy to walk to places


…saving you all the taxi/bus/metro kharcha


3. Less medicines and even lesser trips to doctors


…a bye bye to those bloated up medical bills


4. You end up eating wholesome home cooked meals


…in place of those over-oiled and over-priced restaurant stuff


5. You give up unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking


…which admit it, burned a hole in your pocket too


6. And ofcourse, your productivity at work increases


…greatly reducing your chances of getting fired 🙂

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