6 Websites To Help You Raise Your Productivity

By | July 14, 2020

While working from home in the midst of a pandemic that has us stressed all the time, there are several things at home that compete for our attention. Here are six websites that will help you de-clutter and raise your productivity.

6 Websites To Help You Raise Your Productivity

There’s no denying that the pandemic has us stressed all the time these days. Combine this with our need to stay glued to news trends and our attention span bears the brunt of it. Staying focused on your immediate tasks, whether you’re at home or work, can become increasingly difficult under these circumstances.

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Technology may present countless opportunities for distractions but technology can also rescue us from these. Here are six websites that will help you de-clutter and raise your productivity.

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Emails may have made our lives easier but it has also brought along with it its own set of quirks. Most of our mail inboxes are hit by a barrage of spam and promotional emails through the day. This is because when you register or sign up for a service, you get automatically added to their mailing list. Unsubscribing to every mail can be a tedious task and one that requires considerable time. If you want to rid your inbox of clutter, just head to www.unroll.me. All you need to do is sign in with the email address of the account you want to clean, and the services will scan your inbox for subscription services. It will show all your subscription services in an alphabetical order and you can click the unsubscribe button next to the service name. Unroll will remove your email ID from the service’s mailing list.


Through the day, if you have trouble remembering tasks that you have to accomplish, then www.todoist.com is a site that you should consider. It helps you organise your life by creating projects and setting deadlines. It emails you a daily recap of your goals in the morning and sends you reminders on your mobile device as well.


While at work, most of us have a habit of frequently checking our social media accounts, play a quick game of Candy Crush or Farmville, etc. This site lets you temporarily block online distractions to help you focus and finish your work sooner.


These days any website you visit to open an account asks you to sign up. The problem arises when you share your email address and they start spamming your inbox with junk mails. You can avoid this by using a disposable email address instead of your personal email address. You can do this with www.mailinator.com where you can open a temporary email inbox and use it to sign up for a service. Once you are done, you won’t need to access the disposable email address ever again. The disposable email address will get destroyed automatically after a few hours. There is no limit to the number of disposable email addresses that you can create using this website. In fact, for each service, you can create a new one, and never worry about spam again.

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While browsing the web, if there’s information, links, images or content that you would like to consume later, you can put it all into Pocket. Pocket allows you to store content from the web and search through it when needed. It can save you hours searching for content that you have a hard time tracking down. In fact, you can access any file that you save in Pocket anytime even without an internet connection.

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To avail most services that are available online these days, we have to sign up for an account. You might have created multiple accounts on various websites that you don’t intend on using again and perhaps have even forgotten about. You can get rid of these accounts by using accountkiller.com. This site gives you a step-by-step process to go about deleting your accounts from a variety of online service websites. You only have to choose the website name and follow the steps to delete your account. This site also classifies websites into a whitelist, greylist, and blacklist to make it easier and delete your accounts.

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