8 Financial Mantras Of Successful Women

By | August 29, 2018

Success is a reflection of good personal management. Take a look at some of the good financial habits that successful women follow!

8 Financial Mantras Of Successful Women

When it comes to successful people, we’re usually instantly drawn to their career stories and seek inspiration from their professional success. However, we often tend to take for granted the other factors that acted as enablers to their success. If you look closer at the habits of successful men and women, you’ll notice that they’ve managed to create a system of personal organisation that seems to work wonders for them.

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In today’s article, our eyes are on the financial habits of successful women, so read on; you’ll surely learn a thing or to, whether you’re a dude or a dudette!

She’s aware of her cash inflow and outflow

Successful women keep a close tab on not just their incomes but also their expenses. They make sure every rupee they earn adds value to their lives. Similarly, they’re highly aware of what they spend on and know their bills and dues like the back of their hand.

The lesson here is, discipline starts with you. Any person, man or woman, needs to first sort out his or her personal finances before dreaming about making millions professionally, because in the world of business, good money management is expected at a really large scale.

She invests in her well-being

Professional life can be all too stressful at times; so how do successful people cope? Simple! They invest in their physical and mental well-being. They allocate enough of their budget to cater to their fitness and entertainment needs. They anticipate the occasional visit to the spa because rejuvenation is something that keeps them going. In fact, this conscious effort to reward and take care of oneself also permeates into their business sensibilities.

For instance, a successful leader always ensures that employees and subordinates are exposed to fun and relaxation amidst their hectic schedule. As cliché as it sounds, all work and no play makes…let’s go with Jill… a dull girl!

She knows how to prioritise her debt payments

Successful women are aware of how much each type of debt is eating up from their kitty, and they accordingly plan to pay off the most expensive ones first. It goes without saying that for anyone to be successful, a keen insight into positives and negatives is key. If you keep bills piling up purely hoping you’ll clear them all at once, you may risk falling deep into a debt trap.

Why risk that when you can calmly sit and identify which debt is at priority and accordingly eliminate the risk? The latter is an approach common to most successful women. They never ignore a loophole when it comes their personal finance as well as their professional finance.

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She lives according to her budget

A truly successful woman doesn’t make the mistake of depending too much on credit, for she knows that this will only create an unstable financial future. Hence, she always lives within her means and knows her financial priorities all too well. Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fun and live her life to the fullest; of course she does, because she knows that’s important to her state of well-being.

A successful woman knows how to get the best of work and play within her budget. She’s grounded, pragmatic and content with reality. She may be a dreamer but she’s rooted to the present, and that’s what makes her successful.

She’s serious about saving

A successful woman knows the effort that has gone into her leading a life of quality. It is this realisation that helps her set her mind to save and secure a similar lifestyle in the future. She considers the art of saving as an integral part of her life, not just when it comes to money, but also in terms of resources.

Now, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to spend; sure she does, but not at the cost of her future. This is a valuable trait that can inspire us all to deal with our personal finances better. The ideal way would be not to compromise on the present but to also safeguard the future. When these two aspects balance, you’ve found success!

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She’s a responsible consumer

Window shopping is natural for anyone really, but it takes great self-control to differentiate what you want from what you need. A successful woman always prioritises her needs over her wants, because she simply knows that the latter can wait.

She isn’t particular about flaunting her prosperity by sporting all the top brands just as a status symbol; she’s very practical about her luxury. Sure, she does love comfort, and why not? But she’ll never go out of her bounds when it comes to shopping or any other expenses for that matter.

She aims for multi-dimensional success

It’s strange how many people, even today, adore and admire those who work day and night at the office. Now while some genuinely are loaded with work, this workaholic pattern is not really a reflection of success – it’s one dimensional, rather, because a truly successful person is aware that life is not just about work; it’s about balance.

Most of the successful women today value family and friends; they identify work as something equally important, but they never compromise on their foundational values, and rightfully so, because remember, no matter who you are, you can always be replaced at work. Sometimes, it’s important to introspect and look beyond the veil of the corporate world. True success lies in holistic happiness.

You must be wondering, “How does this relate to finance”? Well, the perception you choose will shape your financial lifestyle. If your measure of success is only work, then your financial habits will mostly reflect activities that are temporary but good enough to get you back in the bullet train and motivate you to earn a promotion.

If you resonate with the multi-dimensional approach to success, you tend to even out your investments in such a way that your quality of life improves overall; not just your designation!

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Inspired to taste success, you can actually check off the following successful mantra right away…

A successful woman periodically checks her Credit Score

It’s true. Any responsible adult knows that credit can be a friend or a foe. Successful women figure out how to make their Credit Card work for them. They’re well aware of the benefits they enjoy with every swipe, and exercise high discipline when it comes to using their card.

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