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How To Save Up For Your Maternity Leave

In spite of a six months’ paid maternity leave that you’re entitled to in India, there are still some exigencies that you will need to financially prepare for during your maternity leave.

Ladies, It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Money!

With women’s empowerment rising in magnitude, here’s how financially independent women everywhere can throw down the proverbial gauntlet and take control of their money. Happy Women’s Day! 

Lessons in Leadership From Queens Of The Wild

While women’s empowerment has been a recent development in human society, wild animals have always been ahead of the game with ruling matriarchs. Here are some leadership lessons from nature’s queens!

7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs In The Indian Start-Up Space

Women across India are slowly taking over the start-up ecosystem. Here are seven of them who’ve proved that gender doesn’t play a role in running a company.

How Women Can Restart Their Career After A Break

Making a comeback after a job break may seem tough for some women. But you can get back into the workforce just as easily as you got on your break. Here’s how to do it.