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10 Super Simple Money Lessons Mothers Can Teach Their Kids

As a mother, it’s important to teach your kids values that will help them navigate this often complicated world. This is especially important when it comes to managing money. Here are some simple lessons you can start with.

6 Key Money Lessons My Mom Taught Me

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, here are 6 key money lessons I have learned from my mom that have transformed my financial life for the better.

How Women Breadwinners Should Tackle Financial Issues

Women have taken better control of their work life. Now, it’s time they worked wisely and smartly towards building wealth for a better future.

5 Tips For Women To Keep Their Personal Finance Intact

A woman should work on her own personal finance goals as per her requirements. Read on to know how the tips discussed here can keep a woman financially independent and healthy.

Why Women Shouldn’t Shy Away From Negotiating Their Salary

The gender-wage gap is an issue that has been plaguing the female workforce for ages and has only recently surfaced in India. In this article, we tell you why women shouldn’t shy away from negotiating their salary.

Getting Candid With Rati Shetty!

A tedious and time-consuming process for a Home Loan application was the spark behind the idea for Find out more about Rati’s amazing entrepreneurial journey with BankBazaar.

Financial Equality: We Ken Do It!

To celebrate Women’s Day, we’re going to drive home the fact that there’s no place for financial inequality in today’s world. Here’s an entertaining yet educational clip on how bridging the financial gap between men and women is more important than ever.