8 Invaluable Finance Lessons IPL Teams Taught Us

By | May 15, 2015

The IPL season is done with its grand finale and we have a champion team in place. Having spent so much time playing/training/cooling-down with each other, each of the 8 IPL teams can be best likened to a family, wouldn’t you agree. Just as families set budgets and look after investments to last them a good year, we couldn’t help but infer the financial lessons our 8 IPL families have taught us this season.

Chennai Super Kings


When you make a budget and it works, change nothing ever. Any new idea can just be kept around to carry drinks.

Kolkata Knight Riders


Keep adjusting your budget and tinker with it so much, you don’t even remember what the original plan was anyways.

Sunrisers Hyderabad


Over-rely on the strongest investment you have made for the returns for the entire year while keeping the others so boring, even you forget about them after a while.

Rajasthan Royals


Even though your budget is giving you great savings from the start, just change it and then keep figuring out why it isn’t working anymore.

Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils

Invest so heavily in one asset, that even if it stops being profitable midway, you cannot dare replace it.

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians

Spend a ridiculous amount of money to consult famous financial experts.

Royal Challengers Bangalore


Do one awesomely brilliant investment which carries your entire portfolio on its shoulders.

Kings XI Punjab


Take it easy and go into limbo mode after getting great returns the previous year.

OK then. These lessons were surely in a lighter vein, but deciding on family finances is a pretty important activity. Anything from a home loan, a new car and annual investments along with budgeting needs to be intelligently addressed. And we hope to be with you on your family finance planning journey.

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