8 Secrets Your CA Will Never Tell You

By Sonal Bhadoria | April 22, 2015

Come tax time, Chartered Accountants literally become your true soulmates. They know your deepest financial secrets, you trust them blindly and they solve your problems for you, of course for a fee. But have you ever wondered what is going on in their minds? Things they want to say but cannot. Yeah, we guessed so. So here they are, presented through glorious Deepika GIFs because why not.

1) We hate it when you leave your investments for the last minute

Deepika GIF 1

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2) When you tell us you want to play safe AND take risks with your investment, we just want to pull our hair out

Deepika GIF 2

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3) We die a little inside, when you ask us to explain stuff EVERY SINGLE TIME after giving us false hopes with vigorous head nodding the previous year

Deepika GIF 3

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4) We totally get it when you slyly keep suggesting the coolness of internet experts and online investments. What we don’t get is why you still keep coming back to us

Deepika GIF 4

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5) We don’t get any feels when you look crestfallen after seeing your fund status. That’s because we KNOW money doesn’t grow like virus

Deepika GIF 5

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6) We secretly check out your FB posts to see what investments you are interested in and then suggest the same back to you

Deepika GIF 6

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7) We are eternally grateful to you for spending all your time on the internet liking cute kittens videos and baby pictures… and not reading up on financial news. Otherwise we would have to look for alternate careers

Deepika GIF 7

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8) July is the only month that we are actually busy (Why? Hint: Tax Filing Deadline). The rest of the time we just act busy to make you think that we are working hard for you

Deepika GIF 8

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