A Legal Eagle’s View Of Working At BankBazaar

A Legal Eagle’s View of Working at BankBazaar

World leaders almost always attribute their success to unwavering motivation and enthusiasm. As for me, nothing makes me happier than making meaningful contributions to the company I am a part of. Every organisation that I have worked for has given me an opportunity to make a strong contribution in my domain. This has been the case at BankBazaar too in my current position as General Counsel and Head of Compliance.

When I talk about what it’s like to be a part of BankBazaar, the first thing I say is that there’s no shortage of opportunity here. You see, in a start-up environment, you find that you always have your hands full and every day presents a new set of challenges against which you test your skills, giving you plenty of chances to prove your worth. This is something that I thrive on and it is what keeps me motivated!

There’s something else that BankBazaar offers that I don’t believe many other companies do – take quick decisions and move forward. All of us have a leader inside us which sooner or later wants to demonstrate capabilities and while it could take years to be Don Draper at another firm, a company like BankBazaar offers that opportunity at the onset. Working here is akin to working like an entrepreneur. I have complete ownership of what I do and it isn’t just me; every individual at BankBazaar takes charge of their own work. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity which people don’t ordinarily get, unless they are sitting higher up on the corporate ladder. So, if I were being asked to choose between an 800-pound gorilla and a start-up with a disruptive model, I would pick the one that allows me to unleash my potential, work independently towards the vision of the company and demonstrate it with results.

Another thing that is highly valued at BankBazaar is creativity. It is at the forefront of everything. While roles and responsibilities are well-defined, they are not binding. There is fluidity between individual teams. This allows people with different skill sets to join hands and create stellar products. It truly is a multi-taskers’ haven. Monotony and the daily grind simply don’t exist. And I find that I am pushed to further my aptitude because of this. There certainly is no end to learning here and when someone has a great idea, it’s green signals all the way.

That isn’t to say that working here is always a walk in the park.  Start-ups by their very nature have certain inherent challenges and we at BankBazaar battle our own set of them regularly. But then, with every challenge comes a host of opportunities. We sometimes find ourselves working at the speed of light to keep the engine chugging. The phrase “work hard, play hard”, would be a good way to describe what working here is like.

Now, if you want some insight into the hiring process at BankBazaar, I must tell you that we place as much emphasis on a person’s temperament as one’s academic and professional qualification. The attitude an employee has plays a crucial role in shaping the culture of the organisation. To put it simply, we’d rather be sharing our workspace with a positive, self-motivated, proactive person who is happy to pull his weight than any other kind.

A company like BankBazaar can be as exciting as you make it and will without a doubt give you a strong sense of ownership and accomplishment. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to you and how you react to your environment as an individual. If you’re the kind of person who likes to grab opportunity by the horns, then BankBazaar will certainly be a rewarding place for you.

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About Parag Mathur- General Counsel & Head of Compliance, BankBazaar

Our Legal Eagle Parag Mathur has over 17 years of experience specialising in regulatory liaison, Insurance & corporate law, JV management, compliance, anti-fraud and risk management framework. This smart cookie, a Fellow Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries and Law degree holder, has been part of the leadership at Exide Life with experience across the IT/ITES, Telecom and Insurance sectors. When he’s not dishing out stellar Legal guidance - drawing on his 10+ years of insurance domain expertise, this master chef can be found crafting sumptuous culinary delights, travelling or playing a game or two of badminton and table tennis.

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