An Engineer’s Take On Finances

By | September 15, 2020

This Engineer’s Day, take a look at how our very own Priyank Jain manages his finance. He’s actually quite good <wink>. With his tried and tested tricks, you can chuck worry out of the window and make the most of your money.

A Meeting With Our Very Own Finance Guru, Priyank Jain!

What do you call a person who is at the top of his finance game? At BankBazaar, we call him Priyank.

Senior Product Manager by profession, he will seldom be found at his workstation. Instead, you can trust him to be up and about, solving problems and thinking of solutions.

With a fair bit of effort and persuasion, we finally managed to get him seated for a quick discussion on finance. With enviable dexterity, he shared with us a couple of his tried-and-tested tricks.

Earning cashback on purchases

“As a thumb rule, try using digital wallets for payments below Rs. 5,000”, says Priyank. Most popular digital-payment apps offer cashback when you use them for purchases.

If you’re wondering how Priyank makes the most of his cashbacks, check this out. He uses his Credit Cards to add money to his digital wallet account. When he makes a purchase using his digital wallet, he gets back cash. Also, he gets cash back on his card for adding money to his digital wallet. This cashback can again be used to recharge the wallet.

Tip: Even referrals earn lots of cashback.


The trick is to use specific Credit Cards for specific purposes. One that offers you shopping vouchers should be used while unleashing the inner shopaholic in you. Similarly, try using Travel Credit Cards for expenses incurred during domestic or international trips.

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Take advantage oCredit Card joining perks

Our Finance Guru is never afraid of plunging into the new stuff for offers. Most Credit Card providers are generous with joining offers! These include free lounge access, complimentary memberships, free movie tickets, bonus points and more!

Tip: Opt for cards that come with discounts and cashback on your fuel spends.

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Being on the lookout for better offers

As practical as he is, Priyank is well-updated on the latest Credit Card offers and chooses the ones that are high on rewards. Being Credit Card savvy, he managed to get a card with the lowest forex fee during a limited-period offer!

Tip: Watch out as travel websites offer the best deals on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

For certain cards, the annual fee is waived if the card holder uses the card for a certain amount in a year. Be on the lookout and claim such offers if and when they are available.

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Did you know that there are awesome discounts on movie tickets every Wednesday and Thursday? Being aware of such offers helps Priyank make informed decisions.

Here is a hack for travelling like a pro!

To stay ahead and avoid holiday mishaps, Priyank opts for cards that come with free lounge access in domestic and international airports. This smart move ensures that he still has lounge access from multiple cards even if a particular Credit Card partner discontinues the service.

While picking out Travel Credit Cards, Priyank is careful to choose ones that offer accident insurance coverage and fuel-surcharge waivers. Also, he believes in saving for his travels. After tackling his regular expenses by the 5th of every month, he invests the rest in Mutual Funds or in a separate Savings Account.

Pro tip: Priyank swears by carrying a packet of Khakra (meet the Gujju in him!) to keep hunger pangs at bay during long journeys.

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And it doesn’t end here! His strong financial game earns Priyank a soaring Credit Score, which increases his creditworthiness and makes him eligible for more such offers. The cycle continues, and he is never short of benefits and cashback. Amazing, right? For more such insights, check out the link below.

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Many of us are not aware of the benefits of having a good Credit Score. And most of us don’t even check our scores, despite it being free. Get your Experian Credit Score for free!

Who doesn’t dig offers and rewards? We all do. And Priyank has taken the game a notch higher. His obvious knowledge, intelligent choices, and history of success at managing his finances have earned him the spot of a hero in our hearts.

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