Amazing Things We Heard Couples Say This Wedding Season

By | November 15, 2016

It’s wedding season! Love is in the air and couples are doing a lot more than tying the knot.  They are coming forward to help their parents with wedding expenses.

We spoke to a few couples who funded or contributed towards their weddings. These are their inspiring stories.


Amazing Things We Heard Couples Say This Wedding Season

“For me, the most important thing was that my parents had the wedding the way they wanted. It was a bigger event for them than it was for me, I feel. As parents, they had been visualising this day for so many years! But at the same time, there were a few things I wanted a particular way too. Like a candid photographer, my bridal make-up and the two of us, my husband & I, wanted to spend our honeymoon in Thailand. I didn’t want my parents to pay for these things for me since these were things I wanted. So, I felt I should take up the responsibility to pay for them and not let it add to my parents’ budget. Overall, I was very happy that my parents got the wedding they always had in mind and at the same time, I got what I wanted, resulting in a beautiful event which I’ll cherish forever!”


Amazing Things We Heard Couples Say This Wedding Season

“I come from a middle-class family and the focus has always been on savings. Due to the expectations of society of what a big event a wedding should be, it becomes a big expense! So from that point of view, I was like, let me contribute to my wedding and not let all the burden fall on my parents. There was never a need for me to contribute as such, but I just wanted to do my part. Personally, I felt good you know. It made me feel like I had saved for the right reason. Also, on a lighter note, you’re like ‘Oh god! So much money is going!’ (laughs). But for my parents, I think, they felt really happy and were pleasantly surprised too because in their fraternity no one had ever done something like this so far. So from that perspective, I felt really good.”


Amazing Things We Heard Couples Say This Wedding Season

“My parents ensured that I received the best education and opportunities, even if it meant sometimes giving up what they wanted. When the time came to plan my wedding, I felt it was very important for me to contribute toward my wedding, especially since I wanted the ceremony in a particular way. In any case, I had been saving for my future, which included my wedding expenses. It was important to me that my parents did not feel obliged to spend all their savings toward their daughter’s wedding, but instead, feel proud that their daughter independently shared some of the financial responsibilities. To be honest, I feel lucky to have parents who gave me all the necessary tools to succeed in life and I know they would have happily managed the entire wedding cost, leaving no stone unturned. I just feel really grateful that I was able to play my part financially and share some of the responsibility alongside my parents. ”

SharadaAmazing Things We Heard Couples Say This Wedding Season

“It was important for us to contribute toward our wedding expenses / pay for our wedding because it was our wedding, we chose to get married to each other. It didn’t make any sense to use our parents’ savings to start our life together. That felt pretty ironic. To know that you are financially stable enough to fund your wedding gave us immense satisfaction. It also made us appreciate our parents better, after understanding how much these things cost, and the level of detailed planning, selection and negotiation involved to get things your way, at your price. And all this, without compromising on quality. I’ll be honest, we actually fought tooth and nail because initially, our parents were adamant that they would pay, that it was their duty and all that drama. But we managed to convince them. At the end of it all and over the course of preparation, I knew they were very proud of us. They would boast to all the relatives, that we funded the wedding, and that was kinda adorable. ”

Here’s how the parents responsed to this lovely gesture.

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