Avoid Financial Infidelity For A Happy Married Life

By | February 23, 2018

The secret to a happy and healthy married life is being honest and open about everything, especially financial matters.

Avoid Financial Infidelity For A Happy Married Life

Marriages work for decades only if there is love and trust in a relationship. Any kind of lie/infidelity has the potential to spoil a relationship. Financial Infidelity is one such reason that can harm the love between couples. So, what is financial infidelity? Financial disagreement between a couple and act of hiding money related information is financial infidelity. For example, wife and husband both have their own source of income, but they are secretive to each other about how they use it. This will result in both working towards different objectives, leading to a stressful situation on common expenses.

Let us take a look at how financial infidelity impacts a married life and ways to avoid it.

How It Spoils The Married Life?

Financial infidelity results in mix-up, which is often non-beneficial for the couple. If a husband and wife use the money without keeping each other informed and come to learn about it through a different source, then it can easily create big gaps in their relationship. A family has lots of common financial objectives which could be short or long term in nature. When there is financial infidelity, individual goal supersedes the common goal and thus lead to a weak relationship.

How To Avoid Financial Infidelity?

In a married life, it is important to make continuous effort to build trust. Complementing each other financially plays a great role in avoiding financial infidelity.

There are some important points if followed well can keep you away from this problem.

  1. Stay Close Despite Differences

Despite closeness in a relationship certain differences may exist between a husband and wife. It is important that a husband and wife listen to each other’s point of view on financial matters regularly. Disagreement should not block the process. It will help husband and wife to stay updated about financial position of each other and in long term they’ll know each other’s point of view and help to find a way which do not disturb their mutual financial objectives.

  1. Build Mutual Financial Objectives

When husband and wife have a common goal to achieve, it is better to discuss and share it accordingly. So, it is very important that a husband and wife sit together and list out common financial goals such as buying a home, responsibilities towards children, Retirement Plan etc. It is also important that both husband and wife come to an understanding that who will be responsible to discharge what type of financial responsibility.

  1. Make A Spending Plan

Spending money on things such as groceries, electricity bills, clothing, other monthly expenses should be planned and mutually agreed in advance to avoid any kind of confusion. If only one member earns and gives monthly fund to meet home expenses to the non-earning member, then planning will keep both the person informed about monthly home budget. Husband and wife should agree and make a joint spending plan to avoid financial confusion. Opening a Joint Bank Account could help in avoiding financial infidelity and keep both account holders about all the transactions.

  1. Take Care Of Each Other’s Financial Need

It is important to understand each other’s financial need and limitations. If wife requires money for certain thing which she can’t avoid, then the husband should respect it and support her financially. Similarly, if the husband has a tight financial position, then the wife should understand his limitations and avoid the conflict.


It is important that both husband and wife do not lie to each other, do not keep financial secrets and do not hide real financial facts. Keeping each other informed about all money decisions could be helpful in avoiding financial infidelity. If you have unintentionally committed financial infidelity, then be honest about it with your spouse and explain your position for a healthy relationship.

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