Budget-friendly Summer Vacation Ideas for 2019 

By | March 8, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when your craving for a summer holiday reaches boiling point. Here’s a budget-friendly vacay list just for you… you’re welcome!

Budget-friendly Summer Vacation Ideas for 2019

Ah, summer is fast approaching. Whether you’re a young adult or a parent, we’re sure you must be thinking of a nice holiday to unwind and usher in the next financial year with a refreshed mind, body and soul. Many bear a misconception in their heads that a vacation is always an expensive affair, and we’re here to prove them wrong with this definitive list of pocket-friendly summer vacation ideas that are worth considering!

Soak Up The Sun By The Sea At Gokarna

The first place that comes to mind when you think about an Indian coastal holiday is obviously Goa, and rightly so. There’s no doubting the charm of India’s favourite holiday destination, but over time, Goa has become a little more expensive than it used to be. With tourists pouring in from across Europe and, of course, all over India, prices have gone up, and things can get a bit expensive if you don’t plan in advance.

This is where Gokarna shines, because, though it may not be as festive and buzzing as Goa, it is a continuation of the same coast and boasts a beautiful combination of hilly topography by the coast. If you’re looking for a peaceful holiday with your friends or family, ditch Goa this time around and give Gokarna a chance; it certainly is way more affordable and offers a unique and exclusive beach experience that’s worth a visit.

How to get there

Well, depending on where you live in India, you can either get to Mangalore and take a 2-hour train ride to Gokarna, or reach Bangalore and take an overnight bus.

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Breathe In The Pristine Air Of Kotagiri

While Ooty is world-famous for its panoramic views of the Nilgiris and its home-made chocolates, rampant tourism has now made this hill station a crowded, commercial town, leaving you with little choice but to spend quite a bit of money if you wish to enjoy Ooty from an isolated perch. Why do that when you can just take a 20-minute detour and chill out at Kotagiri! A paradise for birding, Kotagiri boasts similar views as Ooty but has way more affordable accommodation options and, yes, fewer noisy tourists for sure.

How to get there

Thanks to Ooty being well connected by bus and train to many major cities, getting to Kotagiri is just a matter of reaching Ooty and hitching a local bus for about 20 minutes. The closest airport is Coimbatore.

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Track Some Wildlife At Tadoba

Summer is a great time to sight big cats in the wild, because when temperatures rise, water bodies in the jungles dry up easy, leaving the animals with no choice but to move around in search of water. This, along with the fact that the summer jungle dawns an open, visible vegetation makes this season your best bet to catch a glimpse of a tiger or leopard.

Now, while many national parks have become a little too expensive to visit often, Maharashtra’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has somehow managed to keep affordable options alive. In conclusion, it’s your best chance to sight tigers within a pocket-friendly budget.

How to get there

Nagpur is just a couple of hours away from Tadoba – a cab ride should do it. Nagpur, of course, is well-connected to other parts of India via air routes as well as railways.

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Feel Enlightened At Ziro

The seven sisters of the Indian map have a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty, if you’re willing to explore something a little non-commercial and budget friendly, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh may just be your dream destination.

Its charm lies in its poetic water streams, paddy fields and breath-taking landscapes, not to mention it welcoming and contrasting pace to city life. You can choose from many home stay options and enjoy the pleasant weather during summer at a reasonable rate.

How to get there

Ziro can be accessed from Guwahati via a night bus. The airport at Jorhat is quite close by too – hardly a 100 kms away from Ziro.

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