Calling Out The Superstars From The Customer Support Team

By | September 28, 2018

BankBazaar’s customer support team works hard to deliver the best service to our customers. Here are two agents who sparkled all the way for their outstanding work.

Calling Out The Superstars From The Customer Support Team

Being a Fintech company means a lot of responsibility. After all, we deal with our customers’ finances and help them choose the right financial product. This ain’t easy because finance, in general, is quite hard to assimilate for most of us.

But, because we are who we are, we have a fantastic team that helps us put together an outstanding show every single day. Yes, we’re talking about BankBazaar’s customer support team!

Taking calls all day is tedious and challenging. But, our team is determined to deliver to our customers the required support they need in an efficient manner and within the stipulated time period.

And sometimes our customers recognise this effort and call out some of our agents who performed at their highest level of excellence.

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Thank you, BankBazaar team. Special thanks to Ms. Ramya for giving best support to close this issue. Please let me know about the other promised offers like BookMyShow etc.


Great job, Ramya! Problem solving is key to customer service and you’ve displayed that quality while helping out our customers. Keep up the good work!


Dear team,

I would like to inform you that it was really nice to deal with BankBazaar. The representative, Aakash/Akash, helped me with my query. The response was quick too.

Thanks a lot!

Karan Sanchala

Delivering results in the best possible time frame is what sets us apart as a firm. Thank you, Aakash, for providing our customers an excellent experience. BankBazaar is proud of you!

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These outstanding customer service agents can make your Credit Card or loan application so much easier for you. So, don’t hesitate to check us out. We’ve got a variety of financial products in store for you.

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