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Paying utility bills online!

What is a utility bill? The bills such as electricity bill, telephone bills, mobile phone bills, etc. are referred to as utility bills. Usually these bills have to be paid in their respective offices on or before the due date. Standing for hours in a queue to pay an electricity bill or telephone bill is… Read More »

Fixed Maturity Plans Only Promise but Do Not Deliver

High net worth individuals that are considered to be critical for the investment of any business in the stock market are finding it hard to place their trust in fixed maturity plans or FMPs these days. The reason behind this is quite simple. Fund managers have portrayed a picture of indicative portfolios that are quite… Read More »

FYI on Equity Diversified Mutual Funds

Investors can select a fund based on their investment horizon and risk profile. The greater the risk involved in a fund, higher will be the returns that are expected to be generated. The contrary of this statement also holds true as the market witnesses a debacle, the investor might also have to come to terms… Read More »

All You Need to Know About Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme

In this era of awareness and adoption to new methods of investing, there is a certain section of the society who wishes to save and invest with the traditional methods. However these schemes can come handy and prove to be very efficient in terms of exposure to risk and returns for those investors who have… Read More »

Add the Benefit of Co-branding to Your Card

Co-branded credit cards have become an emerging trend of the season and many observers believe that they are here to stay. While many people may have their apprehensions about these cards and dismiss them merely as instruments used by people to flaunt their status, these cards come with a powerhouse of value-added benefits and services.… Read More »

Get a Good Equity Exposure For Your Long Term Goals!

Investors generally begin to fret when the markets become highly volatile and enter the panic zone. Although, market volatilities can shrink your returns or even provide you negative returns, you need wait for the irregularities to even out eventually as time passes. But if you are a new investor, and do not wish to invest… Read More »

Getting Into An Auspicious Relationship Like Marriage? Here Is What You Need To Do!

Money may not buy all the happiness in the world but financial stability provides lot of happiness. If you are the lucky person getting into an auspicious relationship like marriage then here are some pointers you need to keep in mind before and after uttering your marriage vows: Before you tie the knot Steer clear… Read More »

Gift Yourself a Financial Plan On This 30th Birthday!

Most of us know that it is never too late to start saving but time can slip between your fingers. If you are turning 30 this year, gift yourself with a financial plan, if you are debuting in this field. Starting early gives you the advantage of enjoying higher returns due to long investment tenure.… Read More »

Gold Funds Overpower the Market as Equity Funds Undergo a Fall

While diversified equity funds were expected to outshine the market for an increased amount of time, they underwent a significant fall as they were gnawed by the forces of high interest rates and inflationary pressures. Investors stayed away from this instrument for the fear of global slowdown, which was expected to hit equity funds the… Read More »