Credit Card FAQs

By BankBazaar | April 22, 2017

Credit Card FAQs

Credit Cards can be a blessing for those days when you find yourself strapped for cash. With digital payments and cashless becoming increasingly popular, a Credit Card is now more a necessity than a convenience.

If you are new to the world of Credit Cards, we’ve got your back with a few frequently asked questions for the novice user. Haven’t got your Credit Card, huh?

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What Are The Types Of Credit Cards?
There are plain old vanilla Credit Cards that have basic, no-frills features. And then there are special, made-for-you Credit Cards that cater to the globetrotter in you, or the shopaholic, maybe?

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Co-Branded Credit Card? Huh?
That’s a Credit Card that has a merchant’s name and logo on it. These are promoted by the merchants and the card issuer together. Airline and Rewards Credit Cards are often co-branded.

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CVV? What’s That?
The CVV number is a 3-digit number printed on the reverse of your Credit Card, beside the signature panel. You’ll need this to verify online transactions.

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What Is An Add-On Credit Card?
It’s a supplementary card that is issued to your family members. An add-on Credit Card is linked to your primary Credit Card account. Be careful about giving add-on cards to your family. You’re responsible for any defaults in payments.

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Wised up about Credit Cards now? Want one too? We’ll have you spoiled for choice with so many Cards to choose from.

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