Credit Cards For Couch Potatoes

By | August 2, 2017

Credit Cards For Couch Potatoes

There’s nothing like getting back home after a hard day’s work, kicking off your shoes, and sinking into your mouldy couch. It’s probably the closest thing to heaven, apart from chomping on a slice of stale pizza you happened to find under one of the cushions.

You flip on the TV, after stretching every sinew in your body, to reach for the remote before eventually snuggling into the abyss your behind has created in your sofa. You aren’t going to move for anyone or anything. This is your domain and it would literally take a crane to move you even an inch.

But, all of a sudden, you feel this sharp pain across your temple. You look up to see your spouse holding a rolled-up magazine ready to bring it crashing down on your ear again. Through all your yelping, you’re reminded that you still haven’t paid off any of your outstanding dues, nor have you bought the groceries like you promised. You let out a loud groan as you slowly put your shoes back on. As you reluctantly make your way out the door, you shoot a longing glance at your sofa and the huge, inviting imprint that seems to almost shed a tear of its own.

But don’t you worry. We’re going to tell you exactly how a Credit Card can reunite you with your beloved couch. All you need is your laptop or even something as small as your mobile phone.

  • Utility Bills

If you’re sick and tired of writing cheques or waiting in line to pay your electricity or phone bills, a Credit Card could be just what the doctor ordered. With a Credit Card, you can make utility bill payments online while lazing on your sofa. The only muscle you’ll probably move is your index finger along the surface of your phone. Paying your utility bills via Credit Card can be done in a matter of minutes, and to make things even easier for lounge lizards like you, you could even set up an automatic online payment, which will automatically charge your card every month on a date of your choosing. This way you won’t even need to take on the herculean task of reaching for your phone.

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  • Shopping

No more hanging around outside changing rooms at shopping malls while your significant other tries out umpteen different outfits. You don’t want to be one of those poor sods passing out in the corner of a department store out of sheer boredom. With the help of a Credit Card you and your spouse can do all your shopping online from the comfort of your living room. And the cool thing is, with the right Credit Card, you could even avail of great offers on your purchases.

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  • Groceries

Grocery shopping can be a real annoyance. But, believe it or not, you could even get all the groceries you need for your household without setting one foot outside your door. All you need to do is download one of the innumerable grocery apps available for your phone, pay for what you need via Credit Card, and before you know it you have a basket of food delivered right to your doorstep. If that doesn’t make the couch potato in you jump for joy, nothing will.

  • Tickets

Of all the things you can’t stand, making a trip to the travel agent to buy airline, bus or train tickets is somewhere high up on the list. There’s nothing worse than navigating through traffic to sit in a dingy office, waiting for your turn to acquire a couple of print outs. Well, no more. With a Credit Card you can book all your tickets online before you’ve even finished munching on your first potato chip. And with the right Credit Card, you can even get great rewards and discounts on flight tickets.

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Now that we’re sure we have your interest piqued, get yourself comfy because we’re going to recommend 5 Credit Cards that will keep you and your couch locked in a beautiful embrace for a long, long time.

Remember how we were saying you won’t need to keep running to your travel agent anymore to book your tickets? Well, here’s a card that can help keep those comfortable fluffy slippers firmly on your feet. With the Citi Cashback Card, not only can you easily book your airline tickets online, but you get a Rs. 1,200 cashback on any MakeMyTrip domestic flight booking. And guess what? You even get 5% cash back on all your utility bill payments that you make online through Citibank Online Bill Pay. Nifty huh?

Here’s another cool card that can actually help you save money without even getting off your sofa. With the Axis Bank Neo Credit Card you get 10% cash back every time you shop at Jabong with maximum monthly benefits up to Rs. 1,000. Not just that, you even get 10% off every time you book tickets through redBus.

If you do step out of the house, chances are you want to go someplace where you can do exactly what you do at home. That’s right! Laze about. The Kotak PVR Platinum Credit Card can help you do just that. If you spend Rs. 7,500 or more in a monthly billing cycle, you get 2 PVR cinema tickets for free. You can use these tickets for any show on any day across all PVR cinemas, and lounge about in the comfort of an air-conditioned movie hall while watching a movie of your choice. Sounds just like home doesn’t it?

Here’s a Credit Card that will actually reward you for not taking the trouble to go out and buy groceries. With the HDFC Bank Diners Rewardz Card, you earn 6 reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on grocery and supermarket purchases as well as reward points on select airline and hotel bookings – both domestic and international. How cool is that? No more grumbling on the way to the local vegetable market.

  • IndusInd Bank Chelsea FC Card

If there’s one thing most couch potatoes have in common, it’s football. They love to park themselves on their sofas and take in all the footballing action over the weekend. And if you happened to be a Chelsea supporter for some strange reason, you can get a 10% discount on any online purchase you make at the Chelsea FC online megastore with the IndusInd Bank Chelsea FC Card. You even get some cool offers on dining, shopping and entertainment to boot.

If this doesn’t convince you to get yourself a Credit Card, then nothing will. And for a lazy bone like you, you don’t even need to leave your couch to apply for a Credit Card. When you opt for a card with paperless approval on, there’s no running around to provide hard copies of your documents. The entire process is online. It’s a couch potato’s dream come true.

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