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By | June 19, 2016

He was your first banker, first wealth manager, and first financial advisor. After all, your Dad taught you the first thing about money. This Father’s Day, we spoke to some BB employees about what their dads told them about money management. The responses are worth their weight in gold. Take a look for yourself.

Indramani DasInder

Inder, heading the SEO team at BB, was part of a middle-class family and his dad taught him all about living within his means. Inder’s dad spent only what was needed for the family. Inder never liked it as a boy but appreciates it now that he has a family of his own. Says Inder, “I purchased a T-shirt when I was in the eighth grade for Rs. 300. I thought my dad will rebuke me but all he said was ‘Spend wisely’”. I have been following that advice since then.” (That’s the way, Inder!). Even though Inder’s dad couldn’t afford the engineering course he desired, Inder is proud that he has followed his dad’s advice and is in a great role today.

Inder to his dad: You were My Guru, Guide, Hero. Love you and miss you a lot!

Nishant LamaNishant

Content Lead at BB but still a kid to his father, Nishant looks up to his dad for everything. Nishant has been working since he left college and has never hesitated to ask his dad for money. And that’s why he has never saved for emergencies. Nishant’s father has never refused to give him money but always asks him to save. He says “Even though you might be doing well today, the future might be different. You need to save.” (Thumbs up, Nishant’s dad!). Nishant says his father had always had money whenever the situation demanded and tells him “Save money. I may not be around always.” Nishant doesn’t want to hear his dad saying this, of course. Taking his dad’s advice to heart (aww!), Nishant has started saving. Kudos!

Nishant to his dad: All that you have invested in me will yield high returns. Promise 😉

Sheetal PatilSheetal

A senior designer at BB, Sheetal loves spending on things that look good, especially for his home. He doesn’t worry about whether it’s needed. He just gets them because they look good. His father, of course, isn’t happy about it. Sheetal’s dad believes in simplicity. He tells Sheetal not to buy useless things and that he should save money. (That’s so right, Sheetal’s dad!) Sheetal should make a budget for doing up his home and stick to it.

Sheetal does not like the fact that his father doesn’t let himself go. He feels that his father should not hesitate to spend money at a good restaurant or to travel first class. (We see Sheetal’s concern).

Sheetal to his dad: Dada, thanks for knowing exactly when to stop holding my hand and begin watching my back. Love you, Dad!

Ajit NarasimhanAjit

Ajit, Head of Savings and Investments at BB, is in awe of his father. He says his father has drilled into him certain principles that he follows to a T. These include being financially independent, never leveraging beyond his ability, planning ahead and ‘earn, invest, save’ (Perfect advice, Ajit’s dad!). Ajit says, “Leverage isn’t just restricted to borrowing for a car or a home. It’s the use of plastic as well. I’ve always been a very disciplined Credit Card user; never ran into a credit trap.” We really need lessons from Ajit now on how to be the perfect son and also how to be financially independent.

Ajit to his dad: #ThankYouDad for letting me evolve into the person I am today. I love you for that.

Kiran CastelinoKiran

Finance and investments are nothing new to Kiran, who is a Content Lead at BB. She saves and invests. However, when she started earning, all she wanted to do was spend. And she didn’t like it when her dad told her “Don’t shop so much. You should be saving.” But the advice stuck in her mind. She paid her way through her Masters in France while her parents also contributed. Ever since, she has made sure that she saved as well as invested her surplus funds. A wise thing to do, we say!

Kiran to her dad: Dad, as far as fathers go, you’re pretty cool. You’ve always been there and never stopped us (your three daughters) from doing anything we wanted to. Thank you for that!

Sarita PovaiahSarita

BB’s Head of Product Content, Sarita can’t really remember a specific time that she got sound financial advice from her father. General advice usually involves the use of WD40 for everything. However, she does have a fuzzy memory about the time her dad gave her some words to live by: “Never put your piggy bank in your mother’s handbag.” She proceeded to store her sweaty socks in her mum’s handbag instead. That is possibly the best savings advice dispensed to this wordsmith, who is generally quite thrifty and clued on about monetary matters and has now saved enough to store her socks in a sock drawer like regular people.

Sarita to her dad: Hey, Pau! Thanks for those ‘10 bucks for anyone who tells me the meaning of this word’ pop quizzes you’d throw at us as kids. Best 10 bucks I made in my life and I think I’m making a career out of it now! Woohoo!

Nikhita SNikhita

Nikhita, a part of the Human Resources team at BB, loves the financial advice that her dad gives her. He tells her, “Always be careful about what you spend but when it comes to things that matter, don’t think too much about spending. You will figure out a way to make up for it.” Nikhita follows this one perfectly! Other things her dad tells her include “Always check the bill before you pay” (Superb one, Nikhita’s dad!). Many of us fail to look at the restaurant bill before we pay. And the best piece of advice is not to trouble her brother for money. Nikhita so doesn’t follow this one she says. (Ooh, rebel!)

Nikhita to her dad:  I have fought with you, troubled you, worried you. I’m not a daddy’s girl for sure! But I’m independent, strong and can stand against any wave in life and that’s all because of you. You have been the wave in my life trying to teach me at every moment but never letting me drown! Thank you for being you, Dada.

What’s your most treasured financial advice from your father? We’d love to hear all about it.

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