Financial Tips You Can Pick Up From The New Game Of Thrones Season

By | April 19, 2019

With the new Game of Thrones season up and running, fans are in a frenzy all over again. Let’s take a look at what financial tips we can glean from the season ahead.

Financial Tips You Can Pick Up From Game Of Thrones

As most of you know by now, the new Game of Thrones season premiere literally brought half the planet to a standstill as people all over the world used their Credit Cards to buy premium Hotstar subscriptions and huddled around their screens to find out what twists and turns awaited them this time around.

While the opening episode of season 8 drew mixed reviews from fans across the board, one can’t deny the incredible hype that the series has managed to generate over time. If the constant backstabbing and political bickering didn’t reel you in, then the whole dragon meets ice zombie shtick most probably did.

However, we aren’t here to get into what you already know about the new season of Game of Thrones. We’re going to help you look at the series from a financial perspective and glean some tips from some of the characters and situations that you can use when managing your finances.

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So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road:

  • The Big Picture

If there’s one thing that’s abundant in spades in Game of Thrones, it’s the constant desire by just about anyone with power and a title to one-up everyone else. Even in the face of the threat faced by the Night King and his army, which could potentially wipe out every kingdom in their path, the rulers of said kingdoms still squabble amongst themselves about who should be king or queen or whatever title you care to shake a stick at.

From a financial point of view, especially when it comes to families, it would be especially prudent to keep the larger financial picture in mind instead of diverting your resources towards short-term gratification. Planning for retirement, saving for your child’s education, paying off any outstanding debts etc. should be given precedence over constantly dining out, buying the latest electronic gadgets, spending on lavish vacations etc.

While all this may provide instant gratification in the present, it will more often than not put a strain on your finances, making your future more and more uncertain. So, always remember to look at the bigger picture as far as your money is concerned.

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  • Build A Contingency Fund

Daenerys may have lost one of her dragons to the Night King, but she certainly doesn’t seem too miffed about it since she still has two fully grown dragons by her side, which helps her maintain her position of power regardless of any threats she may face. She is safe in the knowledge that even if her army falls, her dragons are her veritable trump cards that can bail her out of sticky situations.

Similarly, when it comes to managing your money, building a contingency fund over time should be one of your top priorities. Financial emergencies can come unannounced and have the potential to wipe out vast chunks of your savings. This is exactly why a contingency fund can come in handy since it can tide you over during tough financial times so you won’t have to dip into your savings.

Remember, a financial safety net is worth its weight in dragon scales or horns or teeth or whatever dragon paraphernalia you prefer.

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  • Knowledge Is Power

It’s probably the general consensus among Game of Thrones fans that Samwell Tarly is the most ‘read’ or ‘educated’ person amongst the entire lot. Not only has his thorough research, burning curiosity and thirst for knowledge given the alliance of kingdoms a fighting chance against the Night King, but he has also empowered Jon Snow by revealing that he is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Similarly, when it comes to making investments, researching thoroughly before making any decisions will certainly hold you in good stead from a financial perspective. Take the time to find out about prevalent market conditions and find out which banks offer the highest Fixed Deposit interest rates for a given period before parking your money, and get financial advice when it comes to buying stocks or shares in a company.

Making informed decisions when it comes to investing your money will go a long way towards reducing any potential risk.

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We hope this article has managed to throw a different light on your favourite series and we hope you can glean similar financial tips from subsequent episodes. Until then, enjoy the rest of the season.

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