Financial Zodiac – August 2016

By | August 14, 2016

Financial Zodiac – August 2016

Aries – It’s an obstacle race, baby!

Sorry, but August isn’t really your month! You’re in dire need of some good luck where money is concerned. The devil is lurking around, trying to tempt you to indulge in some unethical money-making practices. DO NOT give in. Unexpected expenses are bound to incur. Maybe, it’s time you pull out that secret stash.

Taurus – Not there yet!

You have been dreaming about indulging in some luxuries, haven’t you? Sorry, but those fantastic desires have to wait. Your finances aren’t yet perfectly organised for you to give in to your desires. However, you have been doing a good job so far. Don’t stop saving just because you think you have enough. There’s never going to be enough (when it comes to money!)

Gemini – Oooh La La!

It’s the time to disco, all ye Gemini folk. The gods are in your favour. You have been blessed with some serious cash flow this month. Go on, splurge! Revamp your wardrobe. Get yourself a new gadget. Buy some expensive gifts for your loved one. Or just party harder. After all, it’s not always that the gods are this kind.

Cancer – Unpredictable!

You’re financially healthy. And this fact cannot be denied by anyone. But this month, you aren’t going to be seeing any monetary gains. On the contrary, you’re going to be spending heavily on some unforeseen expenses (major ones!). Don’t stress it now! You could have been well prepared for such situations had you not blown up everything on unnecessary stuff.

Leo – Show me the money, honey!

With a heavy heart, we have to say that you’re really desperate for cash this month. Don’t be hard on yourself, now! It ain’t your fault. That crafty Saturn is playing with you. But, you’re still very desperate. Adding to your woes, an unexpected expenditure is on the cards. If only you had planned your finances and made some wise investments. Sigh.

Virgo – Organised much!

You are known for your organisation skills. Even when it comes to your finances, you are well organised. You’re good with budgeting – no wonder you have so much money stacked up in your account. On top of that, it looks like you’re going to be lucky this month. Someone close to you is planning to gift you some money. A pre-birthday/birthday gift, perhaps?

Libra – No risks, please!

Do not be impatient with your finances this month. In short, you don’t get to indulge or make any hasty money decisions, unless you want to part with all that hard-earned money of yours. This is the time for you to be smart. Stick to savings only, forget about investments.

Scorpio – Caution is the word!

Where money is concerned, it looks like the stars are in your favour this month. However, you have to tread carefully. Someone close to you may be pestering you to go on a holiday, overseas. But it isn’t the right time to commit to such ventures. You should be concentrating more on saving and investing, dear Scorpio, than spending every buck you make.

Sagittarius – Time for some restructuring!

Financially, this is really a good month for you. You have been working really hard since the past few months. And now that your finances are in place, it’s time you take a rejuvenating holiday with your loved one. Also, this is the perfect time for you to revisit your investment portfolio. If you’re wise enough, you’re sure to build a huge corpus.

Capricorn – You reap what you have sown!

It’s harvest time, folks. You’re going to see a steady flow of cash from all your investments. Woah! Lots of money in your hands. We know what you’re thinking. But, stop right there. No splurging on unwanted stuff or you’ll be bankrupt soon. Your choice!

Aquarius – Follow the routine!

It’s going to be a rather bland month for you. Nothing exciting is on the cards. You won’t earn any extra money (no gifts either). You won’t have any major expenses. It’s just going to be the routine stuff. This ain’t bad actually, as long as you don’t spend up every penny you earn on the routine stuff.

Pisces – Take a chill pill, yo!

Chillax, you emotional wrecks! Your finances are in good shape, so stop worrying about running out of money. Besides, there are a lot of earning opportunities coming your way – it could be a new job or a promotion. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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