Financial Zodiac – December 2016

By | December 21, 2016

Is it going to be an empty wallet or a full pocket? Let us take a look at what December has in store for you. If the money Gods aren’t very kind to you and you’re finding it tough to cover your expenses, you can get yourself a Credit Card.


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

The money gods are totally in your favour, fellas! You’re going to be blessed with a lot of cash this month. The only trouble is your extravagant nature. If you’re going to spend away all your money, you’re going to find yourself in some serious money issues sooner or later. We’d suggest that you cut down on spending and save more money instead.


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

Just like last month, you are going to be financially healthy this month too. You’re likely to see some extra money flow towards the end of the month. Maybe, it’s a holiday bonus or a New Year gift from someone who cares for you. There won’t be any major expenses this month, so you can save more money than you usually do. How about starting an Emergency Fund with the extra cash?

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Financial Zodiac – December 2016

You have enough cash to comfortably get through the month. And that’s a good thing. You have been saving quite a lot of money lately too. Great going! However, for this month, steer clear from new investments and do not commit to anything that involves money.


Financial Zodiac – November 2016

You might face a few financial issues this month. But don’t you worry, things will fall in place pretty soon. Whatever you do, just be careful with your money. Do not take any major financial decisions or go on a shopping spree to satisfy the spendthrift in you.


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

No one can deny the fact that you’re financially healthy. But you aren’t yet ready to live the lavish life that you have been craving for. Don’t do anything stupid and ruin your finances. Instead, focus on saving more money and consider investments to grow your wealth.


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

Lot of expenses coming your way this month. Of course, you’ll have a lot of money coming in too but you’re going to spend every penny. Quite a lot of money will be spent on family and charity. However, there is nothing to worry. It’s the holiday season, so it’s okay to spend some money. You’ll be fine!


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

Your finances look pretty sorted this month. Like last month, there will be a few good money-making opportunities coming your way this month too. You won’t be seeing many expenses which means there will be more money lying in your account. Why don’t you park the extra funds in a Fixed Deposit or a Debt Fund?

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Financial Zodiac – December 2016

This month, you have to practise caution when it comes to your finances. You aren’t going to see any monetary gains. However, the little money that you’ll get will be enough to survive the month. We understand that it’s going to be difficult to survive on less, but we also believe that you can do it. Take it as a challenge, Scorpio!


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

Financially you’re in a good position this month. The only expense that you may incur is probably your birthday treat or attending a few Christmas/New Year parties. As far as money is concerned, there is no need to worry. You have enough to cover your monthly expenses and save too.


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

Sadly, it isn’t a good month for your finances. To make things worse, you’re going to be finding yourself in a pool of expenses. Well, you should have saved a good amount of money when you had the chance. Unfortunately, you don’t even have much savings to cater to your expenses either. Blame it on your spontaneous financial decisions and extravagant nature.

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Financial Zodiac – December 2016

You’re going to be spending a lot of money this month, especially on shopping and at the movies. We understand that it’s the holiday season and you’re just having some fun. But going overboard with your expenses is similar to treading on thin ice. You’re going to find yourself in a financial mess soon!


Financial Zodiac – December 2016

It’s a good month to save money especially because you won’t be seeing a lot of expenses. But, at the same time, you are going to be tempted to spend on life’s simple pleasures. Go ahead, but make sure that you don’t go overboard. How about investing in Mutual Funds?

And that’s a wrap. Wish you an awesome 2017!

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