From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

By | January 7, 2017

At BankBazaar, we take fun seriously! Here’s a quick round-up of the different events that took place across BankBazaar offices in the month of December:

BB’s New Year Bash

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

BB folks in Bangalore and Chennai were treated to some good food and a few games to end the year on a high note.

Gladden Childrens Home Visit

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

Our Chennai colleagues decided to end their New Year by spending time with the lovely kids residing at the Gladden Children Home. Respect, fellow BBians!

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Christmas Celebrations

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

Christmas is a great occasion to bring office colleagues together. This year, at BankBazaar, Christmas celebrations included a lot of games, a karaoke session and some of our teams also played the good ol’ Secret Santa game. The Lord must be pleased!

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

Friday Fun

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

Why wait until Friday evening to celebrate the weekend? At BankBazaar, our employees kick-start their weekends by indulging in a variety of fun games throughout the day. Take a look!

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Blood Donation @ Bangalore Office

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

The biggest gift you can give someone is the gift of life. What if you had the power to save three lives? Yes, three! A pint of your blood can save up to three lives. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Blood Donation drive held at BankBazaar (in association with Sankalp India Foundation) on the 16th of December drew eager participation from a large number of people. In total, 30 units of blood were donated. Kudos to all the donors!

The Movember Verdict

From The HR Desk – December 2016 Round-up

After a month of growing their facial hair and putting up with the scratchy and painful experience that comes with it, the men of BankBazaar were relieved when the ‘Mr. Hairy Scary’ competition finally came to an end. The winners were chosen based on the number of votes their pictures got on our employee Facebook page.

2016 was indeed a great year for BankBazaar. You can take a quick look at the year in numbers right here. And if you’re looking for any financial help, you can check out our products as well.

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