From The HR Desk – May 2017 Round-up

By | June 9, 2017

Work hard, but play harder! A lot of fun activities happened across BankBazaar offices last month.  For those of you who missed all the action, here are the highlights:

Good Job Fellas!

We love to celebrate and honour the hard work put in by our employees. The Rewards and Recognition ceremony was held on the 31st of May in Bangalore to award everyone who performed exceptionally well in the months of April and May.

Plus, we had Arjun and Rati at the Bangalore office too. Woohoo!

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The Tiny Army Invasion

Children are full of life and a joy to be around. So, we asked our employees to get their kids, nephews or nieces to the office and arranged a variety of activities for the lil’ ones.

The three-day BB Juniors summer camp at Nungambakkam saw a bunch of kiddos enjoying arts and crafts, dancing and cooking (simple dishes like sandwiches and salads!).

A similar half-day camp was organised at the Ambattur office as well. Nearly 41 kids along with their parents took part in the camp.

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Where’s The Treasure, Yo?

A treasure hunt was organised at the Nungambakkam office on the 12th of May. Clues were hidden in Sudoku-type puzzles. Teams had to solve these puzzles to get the clues and move on to the next level.

Amazon vouchers and chocolate boxes were distributed to the winners!

Ad Zap

How well do you know ads, slogans and brand logos? Our fellow Mumbaikers put their knowledge of brands to the test via an Ad Zap competition.

From The HR Desk – May 2017 Round-up

The Good Ol’ Charades

Actions speak louder than words! BB Bangalore enjoyed a few rounds of Dumb Charades, ending their week on a high note. There was lots of fun, laughter and some funny acting.

From The HR Desk – May 2017 Round-up

Bond With The Team

Team bonding activities help employees understand each other better – their strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. It helps to build trust, promotes communication and increases collaboration. To encourage team bonding, Ambattur folks participated in fun activities like minefield, save your balloon and a free standing paper tower competition.

Lots of laughter, a sense of excitement and some perfect Instagram moments made it a successful team bonding effort!

From The HR Desk – May 2017 Round-up

Heads Up! Fun

Remember the fun game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show (there’s a mobile app too). Anyhoo, our Mumbai colleagues tried the same and it turned out to be an awesome Friday evening for them.

Cricket Fever

The BankBazaar Cricket League continues…

After Nungambakkam and Ambattur, Bangalore finally had their league matches on the 27th of May. 7 teams participated in the tournament and ‘Marketing United’ (the brand marketing team) emerged as the tournament winners. The entire tournament was a great success. A big shout-out to the participants and organisers!

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Don’t Break The Eggs!

An ‘Egg Drop’ challenge was organised at the Nungambakkam office. Participants had to make a container to hold the eggs and then throw them from a height of 35 ft. The challenge was to make sure the eggs didn’t break. The winners of this round had to drop their containers from the third floor of the building. Finally, we had two winning teams who managed to build containers that kept the eggs from breaking, despite the fall. Kudos, guys!

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