From The HR Desk

By | August 7, 2016

From The HR Desk

BankBazaar is known for some innovative employee-friendly policies. And who’s behind these kick-ass policies? Credit goes to our amazing HR team, of course. Spearheaded by Sriram V, our employee-centric HR squad aims to make BankBazaar a great place to work. All employee-benefit policies and practices are implemented only after a vote by the employees themselves. Talk about democracy!

Oh! Their awesome-ness doesn’t end with just policies. They even organise a lot of fun activities and sporting events. Work-life balance ain’t compromised, EVER!

Maternity Policy

At BB, we totally love and respect our hard-working women folk. On that note, we’re proud to announce that our women employees are provided with 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Besides this, BB provides them with breaks and backrest for their comfort during the prenatal period. Also, they’re given an additional day-off which they can avail on a weekly basis.

Hello there, to-be-mothers! BB cares for you.

Respect Women. Be a man, please!

No asking ‘Coffee, tea or me’, says BB’s POSH policy. Sexual harassment – physical advances, demanding sexual favours, dirty remarks, provocative complements, stalking, etc. – can cost you your job. And in extreme cases, you may even find yourself behind bars. Just saying!

Every BankBazaar office has their own Internal Complaints Committee. And members of this committee are always all ears. So, ladies! Don’t fear, help is near.

Medical Check-ups

For work-life balance, it is important for employees to be healthy. And to be healthy, it is necessary for employees to get regular medical check-ups. All BB employees are entitled to subsidised medical check-ups at leading medical labs. What’s better? Their family members and friends can also make use of this.

Employee Recognition

Employees should be aware that their work is appreciated and valued. And just to make that happen, our HR fellas have started the ‘WALL OF FAME’ which features top performers on a weekly basis. What’s the aim? Well, to boost employee morale and drive performance.

Axe the Taxman

Our HR team is continuously striving to reduce the burden of taxes on us. Some of the key tax-friendly benefits include the Food Card, the Voluntary Provident Fund and the Car Lease Scheme.

The HDFC Food Card is an electronic prepaid card that comes with tax exemptions. As an employee, you have two options – Rs. 2,000 per month or Rs. 3,000 per month. This card is widely accepted across all Visa-enabled food and beverage outlets in India.

Cash on your mind? Try the BB Referral programme

Got any friends or ex-colleagues who’ll fit the bill perfectly at BankBazaar? Now, you can refer them and earn some extra cash. Woah!

With the BB Referral programme, you (as an employee) not only get the chance to set your pals up with a rewarding career, but you also get to give your bank account a quick boost.

All Work and No Play. Just Plain Boring!

But that ain’t the case here at BankBazaar. The last few weeks saw our teams in Bangalore and Chennai participate in a quiz competition (Battle of the Brains), a photography contest, the Father’s Day selfie competition, a darts competition and an antakashari competition. Our ‘Soooper’ HR team also treated fans of Superstar Rajinikanth to his latest blockbuster, Kabali. Nerupu da!

It doesn’t end here, folks! But that’s it for this month. See you again next month with more exciting updates.

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