#BBHackathon: BankBazaar Hackathon 2016

By | July 20, 2016

When it comes to FinTech, BankBazaar is at the top of the game. And what better way to show how we truly put the Tech in FinTech than to get our amazing techies together in a 24-hour Hackathon!

Where: BB Bangalore and BB Chennai
When: 20th July 2016, Wednesday, 10 AM to 21st July 2016, Thursday 10 AM
We’re taking you right into the thick of action as 24 hours of non-stop coding, competition and fun kick off. This crazy all-nighter will culminate in the demoing of the work. The very best get to present to BankBazaar’s top brass and see their ideas brought to life!

The Rules

The rules are simple, really. Plan as much as you want and formulate ideas until D-Day. Then, it’s coding time! Only code written in these 24 hours between 10 AM, Wednesday to 10 AM Thursday counts.

The Themes

 The themes include User Acquisition, User Engagement, Personalisation and Internal Tooling. And for the ones who don’t quite fit in but would like to stand out, there are the wildcard entries.

The Players

  • Stormtroopers
  • *wildcards*
  • Creators
  • Kabali
  • The BB Incredibles
  • HackSlash
  • Whack
  • MetricMasters
  • Chatterbox
  • 1 Man Army
  • Team Player
  • Zorski
  • ApplePie
  • Team Rocket
  • Alpha Force
  • Connectors
  • InfraCool
  • The Leftovers
  • Codiyapa
  • Android Painting Components
  • BB Barbarians
  • Marcos
  • Singularity
  • Neruppu Da

The Plan
Here’s how the Hackathon will roll out. Watch this space for live updates as the mayhem begins!

On Your Mark: Pre-kickoff

9:30 AM (Wednesday): The clock’s ticking. Get your game face on!

BB Hackathon

BB Chennai at the BB HackathonThe Chennai and Bangalore teams are ready to rumble.

Get Set, Go: The Hackathon Begins

10:00 AM (Wednesday): The Hackathon starts. The gloves are off!

A huddle with Murari Sridharan, Chief Technology Officer, BankBazaarA huddle with Murari Sridharan, Chief Technology Officer, BankBazaar

Natasha Jethanandani, AVP Technology at the BB HackathonDon’t mess with the Nat’trooper! That’s Natasha Jethanandani, AVP Technology. Girl Power at the #BBHackathon

Some serious coding at the BB Hackathon“Hack that… all on the floor, hack that… give me some more.” ♪ ♫ ♪

BB Hackers work through the night“We’re gonna hack around the clock tonight, we’re gonna hack, hack, hack, till broad daylight!” – BB Tech Ninjas code through the night.

BB Hackers going strong at the BB HackathonBB Super Troopers going strong at the pre-midnight huddle.

The Finish Line: The Hackathon Ends

10:00 AM (Thursday): Time’s up, people!

After long hours of coding and Red Bull, our techies finally call it a day. But things aren’t quite finished yet… Coming up, demos by all the teams.

DEMOlition Time!

11:00 AM (Thursday): Demos start

BB Hackathon Demos

The competition really heats up. Each team has just about 5 minutes to make a demo (that’s approximately 3 minutes to demo their product and 2 mins for questions).

Always a good time at BankBazaar!

And after all that blood, sweat and toil (and a serious lack of sleep), our tech ninjas let their hair down and had a great day of fun, rest and relaxation at the team outing planned on Friday, 22nd July, 2016. Everyone had a ton of fun, there’s no doubt about that.

Let’s find out what people had to say 

After the dust settled, we went back and asked a few people what they thought about the BankBazaar Hackathon 2016. Here’s what they had to say.

“BankBazaar’s tech team really used this hackathon to have fun and to build out some super cool ideas. It was fantastic to see folks who are passionate about technology and the fintech space pour their energy into envisioning and building out compelling demos in just 24 hours. Another great aspect was the camaraderie, jokes and team spirit which made this one of the most fun events we’ve ever had!” – Natasha Jethanandani, AVP Technology, BankBazaar

“The enthusiasm and energy I experienced was amazing and unexpected. I was extremely happy to see some fantastic ideas, 24 hours of teamwork and many successful demos at the end of it. I am sure some of them will go into production, adding value to business. The first hackathon has certainly been successful. Looking forward to the next one.” – Vaibhav Sanghavi, AVP Technology, BankBazaar

“It was our first attempt at something like this and the response was overwhelming! The team was super-duper charged up at the opportunity to build world-class products in a time-bound manner. It was a highly successful event.” – Keshav Modi, Architect Technology, BankBazaar

“The hackathon had high-quality ideas/products being pitched and demoed, which is great for a first hackathon at BB. Everyone showed great enthusiasm throughout!” – Anantha Padmanabha, Software Development Manager, BankBazaar

And that, folks, is how the BankBazaar Hackathon 2016 went down!

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