Happy Father’s Day To All The Super Dads!

By BankBazaar | June 18, 2017

Dads are everyone’s first superheroes, but the Cost Of Fatherhood is often overlooked. This Father’s Day, show your dad that none of his awesome actions went unnoticed!

Remember all those times you sneakily took the car for a drive and scratched it? This #FathersDay, say #ThankyouDad for everything he pretended not to notice. #TheCostOfFatherhood

He probably never told you about all the plans he sacrificed, cancelled or ditched, just to be able to help you with a school project or be there to read a bed-time story. This #FathersDay, say #Thankyou Dad for spending some special one-on-one time with him. #TheCostOfFatherhood

While you blissfully chatted away on the phone, he was silently clutching his heart at the amount of time you spent on it. This #FathersDay, say #ThankyouDad for spoiling you despite all the lectures he gave you. #TheCostOfFatherhood

How many times have you felt helpless when you missed the school bus or couldn’t find a ride back home? Never! Because he was always there to make sure you got to places on time even if it meant he didn’t. This #FathersDay, say #ThankyouDad for always prioritising your needs over his. #TheCostOfFatherhood

It’s impossible to return the favour, love and pampering father’s shower on us. But we can always do a little something to show our gratitude.

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