Have You Met Our Superhero Designer – Vishnu Madhav?

By | August 11, 2018

Behind some of BankBazaar’s very cool designs is a superhero. Let’s tell you more about him.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

If you follow BankBazaar’s blog and mobile notifications closely, you must have seen some great samples of art. These amazing works of art are not only great examples of creativity, but the way they are connected to finance is absolutely fantastic.

The man behind all these astonishing creations is our very own Vishnu Madhav! He’s BankBazaar’s Product Content Team’s visual designer par extraordinaire. Apart from creating some awesome designs for BankBazaar, Vishnu is also quite active outside of work. If you check his social media profiles – Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see his level of popularity and you’ll find out exactly why he’s so famous, especially among the younger crowd!

Some of the peculiar characteristics of his work that make him so awesome and his designs so popular are:

Trendy & Cohesive

Among other things that can make an artwork popular, one of the most important factors is how relevant it is. Vishnu knows how to make the most of current trends on social media. Below, you can see three of his designs—the first one for a blog post published during the FIFA World Cup 2018. You can see how he’s kept it trendy as well as cohesive. The second and third are from his personal collection and both depict what was trending at the time as well.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

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Innovative & Quirky

To break through the clutter and become something people talk about, designs need to be innovative and quirky. Vishnu knows that quite well! Check out the following design he came up with for the Game of Toons section of BankBazaar’s blog. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Memorable & Timeless

Once you look at his amazing designs, you are bound to remember them for a long time. That’s because all of his designs are memorable and timeless. Here’s a glimpse at his entries for the #36DaysOfType challenge 2018—a platform for designers to express their views on different letters and numbers of the alphabet. Vishnu cleverly used food items to depict all letters and numbers.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

What Inspires Him To Draw?

Like you, we were dying to know the answer as well. This is what he said—“For me, drawing is the best way/outlet to express and share my happiness, sadness and some memorable moments. I started to draw when I was in school. As I started to grow up and understand politics and social issues better, my focus shifted towards socio-political issues. As a designer, I believe that even if I can make someone happy or bring a positive change to their views about any issue, my work for the day is done. In a nutshell, I use my skill as a medium to react to different issues and act like a responsible citizen.”

How Did It Start?

After hearing all about his inspiration to draw, we wanted to know more about how it all started. Here’s what he said—“It all started with my classroom, where I started drawing caricatures of my friends just to make them happy. I think I’m still trying to use my drawing skills to make people happy and aware about the latest happenings.”

His Favourite Artworks So Far

It can be a super difficult question for any designer to pick a few favourites, but we bugged Vishnu until he finally showed us some designs he treasured more than others.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

We’re sure these will top your list of favourites too!

In The Spotlight!

Like we told you before, he has a lot of fans! Don’t believe us? Check out these articles about his amazing designs in some leading newspapers—Deccan Chronicle and Madhyamam Malayalam.

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Have You Met Our Superhero Designer - Vishnu Madhav?

Want to see more of his fantastic designs? Keep following the BankBazaar blog and also check out his personal work profiles – Flickr and Behance.

You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram and stay updated!

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