How To Save & Make Money At The Same Time

By | April 27, 2019

Didn’t think you could save and make money at the same time? Well, it’s time you think again! This video reveals the SECRET! Check it out now.

What if we told you how you can save money, and make money at the same time?

You could make twice as much as a Savings Account can give you, you can take the money back at any time, and there’s no hidden fees! What’s the secret? Fixed Deposits (FDs)!

You probably have your money in a Savings Account right now. But FDs can earn you double the money. Your savings account is probably earning you about 4-5% in interest a year. An FD, on the other hand, will earn you approximately 7- 8.5%. So, hypothetically, Rs. 1 lakh in the bank could earn you 4,000 bucks in a Savings Account, but 8,500 bucks in an FD.

Quick question. Which is higher? Not only does an FD earn you almost twice as much, if you need cash you can break your FD within a day. You might lose a bit of interest, but no other investment option gives you that kind of liquidity. Finally, you don’t pay any additional fees either. There’s no brokerage, there are no commissions, there aren’t even any maintenance costs. Like your uncomfortable flight seats, FDs are economical.

So let’s just make a quick list: higher returns, cash flexibility and no fees. Want to check out Fixed Deposit rates and then apply for one?

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